Sci Fi & Fantasy

Game of Mass Destruction

Chloe Gilholy


Secrets: Alderney - Book One

Richard Bowen


The Celestial Clock

Giovanni Cadore


Maiden of Mortality

Paul Weightman


Burning Sapphire

T J Gristwood



Roy Baldwin


L'homme sans nom: Tome 1 - Un sombre present

Ludovic Metzker


L'ile aux poupees.: Veux-tu jouer ?

Matthieu Mercier


I Dream of Genies

Judi Fennell


Suddenly Spellbound

Erica Lucke Dean


Beyond the Rim: A Lost Race Fantasy

S. Fowler Wright


Aquatropolis: The Two Queens

A Wen


Bowels of Darkness

Tupenny Longfeather


The Durham Toll House

Kev Fletcher


And Her Smile Will Untether the Universe

Gwendolyn Kiste


Das Buch des Wahns

Tony Caulfield



Morgana Gallaway


The Flame Priest

Karen L Azinger


Bishop to Queen

Lexy Wolfe


Short Story Press Presents Dead People's Letters

Matthew Kilpatrick


Short Story Press Presents Little Pests

Matthew Kilpatrick