Sci Fi & Fantasy

The Elven Comedienne

James a Whitney


Dark Wonderland

Gerard Houarner


Unraveling Time

R. A. Giambastiani Kurt


The Wizard's Spell

Cynthia Eden


The Wanderer

Randy Bolton


Harriet's Story

Lidia Adaman-Tremblay


The Kindred

Girad Clacy


Rising Phoenix

S Taylor James


The Dreamtime

R A Conine and Conine R a


Gifted: Rise

Joshua Mendrala


The Cults of the Worm

Scott Hale and Hannah Graff


BORIS! Robot of Leisure

Katharine Miller


The Thief and the Microscope Gang

Marcos Christodonte


Warlord Of Kor

Terry Gene Carr


Valley Of The Croen

Lee Tarbell


I Am Nero

Mr Samuel Collins


Dragon Riders: The Witch's Lair

Kiren Moodley


The Oakenheart's Promise: The World of Mythor

T L Van Dyke



Tamara Brigham


Tales of a Dead Painting

K Saket 'sajan'


The Water-Witch: Or the Skimmer of the Seas; A Tale

James Fenimore Cooper and J Fenimore Cooper


The Journey to Nura

Ron Stanislaus


Eye of the Storm

Emmie Mears