Sci Fi & Fantasy

Le Serial Killer

Marco Cariati



Brian Keene


The Complete Tales Volume 1

Tim Corey



T Faron


Garcia's Smoking House

Kevin Glancy


Thimblerig's Ark

Nate Fleming


Kismet's Unique Logic

Sally Rose and Dayman Rayne


Death and Rebirth

Christian Boustead


Last Hope for Earth: A Superhero Epic

Jaime Mera


...Preceded by Chaos: Vol. +1

M Wheeler and Brian Bicknell


The World of Illusions: The Wise and the Mighty

Temple H. Hernlund


New Old Earth

Ray J Jones


Dark Star

Dennis Durfey



Mark Park


Provincial Eye

Keith Spratley


Soul Goblet

J a Culican and H M Gooden


The Ghostly Huntsman's Trap

Edward D. Olsen


Jena of Atlantis, Rangers Quest II

D.W. Anthony


Splinter: Seeds of a Legend

Charles Landreth


A Righteous Return

Scott Fisher


Loki's Conflict

Cheryl T. Pillsbury


A Journey to the Center of the Earth

Jules Verne and Gary Gentile


Rajatut: Tarinoita realismin ja fantasian risteyksista

Anna Kaija and S a Keranen