Science & Nature

Old Land, New Landscapes

Chris Williams


Principles of Chemistry: The Molecular Science, International...

Madison) Moore John (University of Wisconsin, Conrad (Franklin and Marshall College) Stanitski, et al.


The Earth: Its Shape, Size, Weight and Spin

J. H. Poynting


The Collected Works of Geoffrey J. McLachlan

Geoffrey J. McLachlan


Ecology of North America

Brian R. Chapman and Eric G. Bolen


Fundamentals of Calculus

Carla C. Morris and Robert M. Stark


Functional Analysis: An Introduction

Vitali Milman, Yuli Eidelman, et al.


Monocotyledons: A Morphological Study

Agnes Arber



Tanya Ha


Instabilities, Chaos And Turbulence (2nd Edition)

France) Manneville Paul (Ecole Polytechnique


Ensemble Modeling: Inference from Small Scale Properties to...

Alan E. Gelfand and Crayton C. Walker


Functional Analysis: An Introductory Course

Sergei Ovchinnikov