Annual Volumes



Drama na Gaidhlig: Ceud Bliadhna air an Ard-urlar: A Century of Gaelic Drama

£19.95 £18.55

Modern Gaelic drama has the power to break down barriers and to touch people across linguistic and cultural divides. This collection is a celebration of Gaelic theatre, featuring eight Gaelic plays (with English translations) from the start of the twentieth century to the present day.

Corona Borealis: Scottish Neo-Latin Poets on King James VI and His Reign, 1566-1603

£60.00 £55.80

Latin was Scotland’s third language in the early modern period, alongside Scots and Gaelic, and the reign of King James VI and I is considered to be a golden age of Scottish neo-Latin literature. Corona Borealis examines Latin poems by Scottish authors written between 1566 and 1603, and highlights the role of Latin in Scottish cultural life.

Edwin Morgan: In Touch With Language: A New Prose Collection 1950-2005

Edwin Morgan

£24.95 £23.20

Previously uncollected prose by Edwin Morgan: journalism, book and theatre reviews, scholarly essays and lectures, drama and radio scripts, forewords and afterwords. Topics range from Gilgamesh to Ginsberg, from cybernetics to sexualities, from international literatures to the changing face of his home city of Glasgow. Everyone will find surprises and delights in this new collection.

Marriage: A Novel

Susan Ferrier

£14.95 £13.90

What happens when a Regency society beauty’s romantic notions of the Highlands meet cold, damp reality? Edited and introduced by Dorothy McMillan, this new edition of Susan Ferrier’s classic novel captures the humour, sensitivity and elegance of the original, and gives Ferrier her proper place among Scotland’s notable writers.

A Kist o Skinklan Things: An Anthology of Scots Poetry from the First and Second Waves of the Scottish Renaissance

£14.95 £13.90

The twentieth-century Scottish Renaissance saw a huge change in Scotland’s literary landscape, as Scottish writers engaged with social and political issues, and questions of national identity. A Kist o Skinklan Things contains some of the best Scots poetry from this great period.

Poets of the People's Journal: Newspaper Poetry in Victorian Scotland

£14.95 £13.90

The People’s Journal was one of the most successful publications in Victorian Scotland, publishing readers’ letters, stories, and especially their poetry. Written by tradesmen and women, factory workers, servants, and others, these fascinating and often highly entertaining poems are part of a literary heritage that deserves rediscovery.

Mary Paterson, or, the Fatal Error

David Pae

£12.50 £11.62

Mary Paterson, or, The Fatal Error is a high-Victorian tale of the foul deeds of Burke and Hare. David Pae’s galloping nineteenth-century novel not only provides a fascinating window into the popular Victorian imagination but is also a highly entertaining novel in its own right.

From the Line: Scottish War Poetry 1914-1945

£12.50 £11.62

From the Line brings together the best of Scotland’s poetry from the two World Wars: 138 poems, from fifty-six poets, are represented here, from both men and women, from battlefields across the world and from the Home Front, too.

A Song of Glasgow Town: The Collected Poems of Marion Bernstein

Marion H. Bernstein

£12.50 £11.62

Glasgow poet Marion Bernstein (1846–1906) populated her poems with an array of ordinary citizens, from postmen and riveters to fishermen and street musicians. A Song of Glasgow Town contains all her published poetry, and provides a fascinating insight into Glasgow at a time of unprecedented social and economic change.

Traditional Tales

Allan Cunningham

£12.50 £11.62

Traditional Tales is a selection of folk stories steeped in the traditions and popular literature of southern Scotland and northern England. Mixing the natural and supernatural, they blur the distinction between the oral traditions of the distant past and emerging ideas of literature and modernity.

Kirsteen: The Story of a Scotch Family Seventy Years Ago

Margaret Oliphant

£9.94 £9.24

Margaret Oliphant’s novel Kirsteen is a startlingly modern tale whose powerful voice, narrative drive and ironic exposure of injustice and hypocrisy provide a fascinating perspective on women in Victorian society.

Makeshift and Hunger March: Two Novels by Dot Allan

Dot Allan

£9.94 £9.24

Confronting issues of class and gender, Makeshift and Hunger March offer an insight into women’s lives in Scotland in the first half of the 20th century. They are also highly readable and enjoyable works of fiction by a writer who deserves rediscovery by a new generation.

The Cottagers of Glenburnie: And Other Educational Writing

Elizabeth Hamilton

£9.94 £9.24

First published in 1808, The Cottagers of Glenburnie is a lively and entertaining tale, with vivid depictions – and biting satires – of Scottish peasant life. It also skilfully discusses and dissects class issues, British imperialism, and war.

Scottish People's Theatre: Plays by Glasgow Unity Writers


Glasgow Unity Theatre was perhaps the most celebrated and influential of mid-twentieth century Scottish theatre companies, with strong theatrical and political styles and commitments. This new publication allows five of their most important works to be read together for the first time, and seen fully in the context of their period and influence: ‘The Gorbals Story’ by Robert McLeish; ‘Men Should Weep’ by Ena Lamont Stewart; ‘Gold in his Boots’ by George Munro; ‘The Lambs of God’ by Benedick Scott; ‘All in Good Faith’ by Roddy McMillan.

The Devil to Stage: Five Plays by James Bridie

James Bridie


James Bridie is one of Scotland’s greatest playwrights, and one of the leading British dramatists of the 20th century. This collection of five acting scripts has been thoroughly corrected and re-set, and brings some of Bridie’s greatest works back into print: ‘The Sunlight Sonata’ (1928); ‘The Anatomist’ (1930); ‘A Sleeping Clergyman’ (1933); ‘Mr Bolfry’ (1943); ‘Daphne Laureola’ (1949).

Serving Twa Maisters: Five Classic Plays in Scots Translation

£12.50 £11.62

The 1940s saw the birth of a modern tradition for translating drama into Scots. These translations helped place the vernacular at the heart of post-war Scottish drama. Serving Twa Maisters contains five classic works in this tradition: ‘Let Wives Tak Tent’ by Robert Kemp from Molière (1948); ‘The Burdies’ by Douglas Young from Aristophanes (1959); ‘The Servant o’ Twa Maisters’ by Victor Carin from Goldoni (1965); ‘The Hypochondriak’ by Hector MacMillan from Molière (1987); ‘Mr Puntila and his Man Matti’ by Peter Arnott from Brecht (1999).

Modernism and Nationalism: Literature and Society in Scotland 1918-1939

£12.50 £11.62

An invaluable collection of source material for the 20th-century Scottish literary renaissance. Through excepts from periodicals, books, letters and other documents, Modernism & Nationalism brings us the voices of writers such as MacDiarmid, Gunn, Linklater, Compton Mackenzie, Naomi Mitchison, Edwin and Willa Muir, Catherine Carswell and many others, reviewing literary, social economic and political issues and providing new insights into the ideas behind the creative explosion of the period.

Sir David Lyndsay: Selected Poems

David Lyndsay

£12.50 £11.62

In the late sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, a literate Scots household was likely to own two books: the Bible and the poems of Sir David Lyndsay. This collection is both an accessible introduction to new readers, for whom there are on-the-page annotations and references, and a valuable resource for specialists, who will wish to work with freshly-established texts.

The Scotswoman at Home and Abroad: Non-fictional Writing, 1700-1900

£12.50 £11.62

Practical or whimsical, written for pleasure or for publication and profit, the extracts in this remarkable anthology provide a vivid cross-section of half of Scotland’s culture from 1700 to 1900, using texts that have fallen out of print and including some previously unpublished material. Issues of class, gender and society are boldly illustrated, and the private and public life of the times can be read out of these works in ways that would not perhaps be possible from male writing of the period.

The Poems of William Dunbar

William Dunbar

£30.00 £27.90

TWO-VOLUME SET. Priscilla Bawcutt’s award-winning edition of the poems of William Dunbar, the greatest Scottish poet of the sixteenth century, is an essential reference for all students of Scottish literature. As well as freshly established texts of every poem, this edition contains a full introduction, a complete listing of textual variants in all the early manuscripts and printings, extensive notes, a glossary and a list of sources and secondary material.