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By Storytime

Welcome to our bookshop. Here are some of the children's books that we've reviewed and enjoyed in the pages of Storytime magazine. We hope you love them as much as we do!

And Everything Will Be Glad to See You

Ella Risbridger and Anna Shepeta

£20.00 £19.00

What Do You See When You Look At a Tree?

Emma Carlisle

£12.99 £12.34

Our Tower

Joseph Coelho and Richard Johnson

£12.99 £12.34

To Catch A Cloud

Elena De Roo and Hannah Peck

£6.99 £6.64

a gorgeous book that tells a dreamlike tale about a boy who goes chasing after a cloud. He travels across the sea (and underneath it!) to distant lands, and encounters many challenges along the way. The lovely art swirls and curls like a cloud in the wind, and the rhyming text is both hypnotic and beautiful.

ACHOO!: A laugh-out-loud picture book about sneezing

Simon Philip and Nathan Reed


About a boy named Sid. When he sneezes, an elephant in a canoe comes out of his nose and takes him on an unexpected adventure! The words and art spill across the pages in a riot of colour, creating a unique reading experience.

How Can We Be Kind?: Wisdom from the Animal Kingdom

Janet Halfmann and Darla Okada

£11.99 £11.39

Poses a very interesting question – and finds many answers in the animal kingdom! This book has a wonderful message and features gorgeous wildlife art.

The Great Hamster Getaway

Lou Carter and Magda Brol

£6.99 £6.64

A tale about a daring escape – with a twist at the end! Raffleton Grey dreams of leaving his boring cage and going to a funfair in this hilarious and gorgeously illustrated story.

Never Brush a Bear

Sam Hearn

£7.99 £7.59

Stars a boy named Herschel, who sets out on a quest to groom a certain ferocious animal – despite the title’s advice! The bouncy rhyming text and stylish art make this a fun and cheerful read.

The World's Most Ridiculous Animals

Philip Bunting

£12.99 £12.34

A must-read for anybody interested in animals! It features colourful profiles of dozens of amazing and ridiculous creatures from around the world – and explains why they are actually awesome! The art is lively and vibrant, with lots of little arrows pointing at the animals’ most notable features. You’re sure to encounter many creatures you’ve never heard of before – including the decorator crab, the zombie snail, the macaroni penguin, the burrowing owl and the star-nosed mole!

Sunflower Sisters

Monika Singh Gangotra and Michaela Dias-Hayes

£7.99 £7.59

The first in a new, uplifting picture book series by Monika Singh Gangotra, which centres around best friends Amrita and Kiki. While the story offers a window into the lived experiences of those affected by colourism, it also celebrates the joy of the two girls experiencing each other’s South Asian and Nigerian communities and traditions, in this case weddings. With the protection and empowerment from their mums, the sunflower sisters grow into strong independent young women who embrace and celebrate the colour of their dark brown skin and empower other women to do the same.

The Greeks

Jonny Marx and Chaaya Prabhat

£16.99 £16.14

Were charioteers the highest paid athletes in history? How did Heracles slay the many headed Hydra? Did the Greeks invent the world’s most bloodthirsty sport? Readers can discover the truth behind some of the most incredible ancient Greek stories and superstitions and unearth the most fascinating aspects of an ancient culture in this immersive book. With flaps to lift on every page, there’s plenty of history to uncover.

Little Glow

Katie Sahota and Harry Woodgate

£12.99 £12.34

An important story which amplifies the importance of introverts, while showcasing the amazing celebrations of light across our diverse communities.

The Hug

Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar

£6.99 £6.64

In this clever flipbook, both a hedgehog and a tortoise are looking for a hug. They ask all the other animals they come across but for some reason no one will hug them. Until a wise owl explains: Hedgehog is too spiky; Tortoise is too bony. And that’s when they find each other!

The Longer the Wait, the Bigger the Hug: Mini Gift Edition

Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar

£6.99 £6.64

Everyone’s favourite (socially distanced) characters return to help us through the challenging lockdown period! Hedgehog is waiting for his friend Tortoise to wake up. But where is he and when will he wake? Hedgehog’s friends are all very lovely, but they just aren’t as much fun at the beach, or at hide and seek, or at holding hands, or at hugs. A charming and touching new tale from the creators of the bestselling While We Can’t Hug!

While We Can't Hug

Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar

£6.99 £6.64

The bestselling and heart warming picture book that shows us ways to be affectionate while social distancing, from the team behind The Hug. Hedgehog and Tortoise were the best of friends. They wanted to give each other a great, big hug. But they weren’t allowed to touch. Even though they couldn’t hug, they both know that they are loved. A gorgeous, uplifting, inspiring picture book that makes social distancing fun!

The Roar: Mini Gift Edition

Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar

£6.99 £6.64

A quarter of a million copies sold in the series! Our favourite Hedgehog and Tortoise are back, helping children with their big feelings of today. Tortoise is not having a good day and now he’s stuck in a hole and and is far too cross for hugs. Hedgehog sits and waits and then makes Tortoise laugh – taking the time to let the moment pass, and acknowledge how Tortoise feels.

A Walk Through Nature: A Clover Robin Peek-Through Book

Libby Walden and Clover Robin

£8.99 £8.54

Explore nature through the pages of this beautifully illustrated book. From the tiny seeds from which flowers bloom to the wriggling worms who hide deep underground, there are so many breathtaking spectacles to admire. Rhyming text and fascinating facts about the natural world make this the perfect book for young wildlife enthusiasts, and vibrant illustrations capture the imagination.

Above and Below

Patricia Hegarty and Hanako Clulow

£7.99 £7.59

Lift the lid on eight animal habitats to see the extraordinary natural stories that happen above and below the surface. From the rainforest to the ocean and the macro to the micro, lift the flap to explore the fascinating relationships occurring in each of the world’s ecosystems.

Little People, BIG DREAMS: Earth Heroes: 3 books from the best-selling series! Jane Goodall - Greta Thunberg - David Attenboroug

Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara, Beatrice Cerocchi, et al.

£25.00 £23.75

Meet three inspirational Earth Heroes whose love of the natural world inspires them to make a difference: Jane Goodall, Greta Thunberg, and David Attenborough! This boxed gift set of three hardback books from the internationally best-selling Little People, BIG DREAMS series introduces little dreamers to the lives of these incredible people who work to understand and protect this amazing planet.

Little People, BIG DREAMS: Women in Art: 3 books from the best-selling series! Coco Chanel - Frida Kahlo - Audrey Hepburn

Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara

£25.00 £23.75

Meet three inspirational women from the world of art: Frida Kahlo, Coco Chanel, and Audrey Hepburn! This boxed gift set of three hardcover books from the internationally best-selling Little People, BIG DREAMS series introduces little dreamers to the lives of these incredible women who worked in the arts…and changed the world.

The Missing Piece

Jordan Stephens and Beth Suzanna

£12.99 £12.34

This is the tale of Sunny, who loves jigsaw puzzles! But when her grandmother gives her a puzzle with a missing piece, the girl discovers that there are many other joys in life. The story is gentle but thought-provoking, with gorgeous art.

The Robber Raccoon

Lou Kuenzler and Julia Woolf

£12.99 £12.34

A tale about a thrilling caper – and it has an unexpected environmental theme! The art is bright and full of character, and the rhyming text is great fun to read out loud.

A New Friend

Lucy Menzies and Maddy Vian

£12.99 £12.34

This is really two books in one! It tells the parallel tales of Joe, who has moved to a new town, and Mae, who wants to make a new friend. The lovely art tells their stories side by side, and as you might guess, the pair meet up in the end and go on an imaginative adventure together!


Mariajo Ilustrajo

£12.99 £12.34

A very special book. When water begins to seep into the city, it doesn’t seem to be much of a problem - and some of the animals that live there even have fun splashing around in it! But as it gets deeper, the creatures realise they have to team up to save their home. The art and words work together to tell a story with a subtle but powerful environmental message for all of us!

Hello Spring

Jo Lindley

£6.99 £6.64

A great book to read when the seasons are changing. The story is about Spring and her friends, and how they enjoy the different times of the year. The tale and the colourful art are charming, and we love the map of Season Isle!

Be Wild, Little One

Olivia Hope and Daniel Egneus


This book takes readers on an amazing adventure around the world! The inspiring words and luminous art encourage us to enjoy all kinds of adventures and experiences!

Sunshine at Bedtime

Clare Helen Welsh and Sally Soweol Han

£7.99 £7.59

Curious Macie notices that the evenings are brighter in summer and wants to know why. Together Mummy and Macie discover the wonder of the Sun, just in time for bed. A beautiful, lyrical and reassuring bedtime story, with a double-page spread of non-fiction facts at the end.

In You I See: A Story that Celebrates the Beauty Within

Rachel Emily and Jodie Howard

£9.99 £9.49

A stunningly illustrated children’s picture book, with captivating poetic text by Rachel Moulden (DK Books). It teaches your little ones that there is more to people than meets the eye, you just have to look.

What a Wonderful Phrase: A collection of amazing idioms from around the world

Nicola Edwards and Manu Montoya

£12.99 £12.34

This beautifully illustrated and witty book is filled to the brim with curious phrases from around the world. Travel from country to country and learn the history behind interesting and unusual idioms, and the greater cultures which shaped them. From the endearing French phrase “to be a blue flower” to the fascinating Japanese saying “to wear a cat on one’s head”, this book explores the diversity and importance of language worldwide. Younger readers will love sharing these quirky phrases with their friends and discovering more about the world we live in. Beautiful artwork from Many Montoya and captivating text from Nicola Edwards, it perfectly captures the intricacies of global cultures.

It's My Rubber Band!

Shinsuke Yoshitake

£10.99 £10.44

You can find joy in the simplest objects – even a humble rubber band! You can have fun pinging it or playing with it in the bath. But you can also use it to do exciting, unexpected things, like bungee jumping out of a plane, or sneaking a furtive snack. The only limit is your imagination! Renowned author-illustrator Shinsuke Yoshitake brings his trademark wit and thoughtfulness to this charming book, which honours children’s attachment to their favourite things while opening the door to a world of exciting new objects and experiences.

Eureka!: A Big Book of Discoveries

Wenjia Tang and Jonathan Litton

£19.99 £18.99

Meet the bright sparks who developed electricity and the scientists who looked to the stars. Marvel at mathematicians and be amazed by archaeologists as you learn about discoveries both old and new in this exciting encyclopaedia of exploration!

The Big Book of Festivals

Marita Bullock, Joan-Maree Hargreaves, et al.

£12.99 £12.34

by Joan-Maree Hargreaves and Marita Bullock (Lothian's Children's Books). From tomato-throwing parties to graveside picnics, fire-walking ceremonies, crying baby competitions and the biggest bathing festival on Earth - this book introduces you to some of the world's most incredible cultural and religious celebrations. Some festivals are outrageously fun and joyful, others are more serious. All of them bring people together to mark big events in life. This riotous explosion of colour invites the reader to feast, sing, cry and celebrate the diversity of festivals and traditions that this wonderful world of ours has to offer.

As Large As Life

Jonny Marx and Sandhya Prabhat

£19.99 £18.99

Did you know that a sword-billed hummingbird has a beak longer than its body, that a giant anteater’s tongue can delve two feet into a termite mound in pursuit of food, or that a lion’s mane jellyfish can grow tentacles as long as three buses? See how the most sublime animals on the planet size up and compare them all in one go using the enormous fold-out chart at the back of the book. By Jonny Marx, Sandhya Prabhat (Little Tiger)

The Magical Unicorn Society: The Golden Unicorn - Secrets and Legends

Jonny Leighton, Adrian Bott, et al.

£12.99 £12.34

The Magical Unicorn Society is the official authority on the secrets and legends behind these elusive creatures. Now, they've opened their doors once again, and invite unicorn lovers to enjoy eight new enchanting tales featuring the magical unicorn families. Discover the legend of the Golden Unicorn and its escape from icy magic; encounter the mysterious Shadow Night unicorn as it helps stop an audacious robbery in Victorian London; enjoy daring tales of Water Moon unicorns and pirates on the high seas; spot Woodland Flower unicorns in Central Park, New York, and read about the dramatic meeting of all seven unicorn families, and the appearance of an eighth unicorn type. As well, discover more of the lore about the unicorns, the workings of the Magical Unicorn Society, and find out which guardian unicorn protects you.

The Magical Unicorn Society: Unicorns, Myths and Monsters

Anne Marie Ryan, MAY SHAW, et al.

£12.99 £12.34

From the Magical Unicorn Society's Department of Unicorns, Myths and Monsters comes this all-new collection of stories dedicated to the amazing mythical creatures - good and bad - that exist alongside unicorns. Introduced by department head and intrepid explorer, May Shaw, there are tales of fearsome, fire-breathing dragons, phoenixes rising from the ashes, mysterious kraken that lurk in the deep, imps, sprites and werewolves in mythical forests, as well as the eight unicorn families and those who have encountered unicorns throughout history. Each of the eight stories is accompanied by striking, full-colour artwork that shows the powers of the specific mythical creature in more detail, as well as an epic illustration of a key moment from the text.

The Magical Unicorn Society: Official Handbook

Selwyn E. Phipps, Harry and Zanna Goldhawk (Papio Goldhawk (Papio Press), et al.

£9.99 £9.49

After centuries of mystery, the mythical Magical Unicorn Society has published its official handbook. These learned lovers of unicorns have created a treasure chest of unicorn lore - the facts, the fiction, the where, why and what of these elusive beasts. This is the ultimate gift for anyone who truly believes. Discover the myth of the Gold and Silver Unicorns, and the legendary stories of the seven unicorn families. Find out about their unique powers, where they live around the world, what unicorns eat and how to have the best chance of spotting one. Learn about the history of the Magical Unicorn Society - from its foundation to the present day - and how to become a member. With breathtaking artwork from Helen Dardik and Harry and Zanna Goldhawk (Papio Press), and stunning design and production, this special book gallops through a history of these mythical creatures and looks at their magical future.

Curious Kids: Age of the Dinosaurs

Jonny Marx

£10.99 £10.44

Journey back millions of years to a time when formidable dinosaurs roamed the Earth. From Ankylosaurus and Tyrannosaurus to Triceratops and Diplodocus, learn all about the fascinating characters as they POP UP from each page.

The Beasts Beneath Our Feet

James Carter and Alisa Kosareva

£11.99 £11.39

Beneath our feetway deep and downare beasts asleepin the cold, dark ground. Dig down through the layers of the Earth and travel back in time. Meet the trilobites that scuttled and crawled; the munching, crunching dinosaurs; and a herd of roaming woolly mammoths. This rhyming read will take you on a prehistoric adventure!

Rita's Rabbit

Laura Mucha and Hannah Peck

£12.99 £12.34

Rita is so very sure she wants a fluffy pet rabbit and NOT a scaly, scratchy bearded dragon called Spike . . . But when a fussy, grouchy, messy rabbit comes to stay, she discovers they aren’t necessarily as adorable as they seem. Spike saves the day and Rita is very glad to be rid of the rabbit and very in love with her speckled, scrawny, spiky pet. A very funny text wonderfully complemented by Hannah Peck’s witty artwork.

The Spring Rabbit: An Easter tale

Angela McAllister and Christopher Corr

£7.99 £7.59

At the end of winter, a girl named Spring awakes from her slumber in the snow. She travels through the forest and finds a little bird that has fallen from a tree. The bird is so cold and weak that Spring can hardly hear its heartbeat, so she turns it into a rabbit with thick, soft fur so it will be warm. To show their gratitude, birds gather eggs which Rabbit collects in a beautiful basket. Spring tells Rabbit to give them to the children so that they will know Spring is here. This beautiful tale shows young children how the Easter Bunny came to be.

True Stories of Animal Heroes: Sterling: The lovestruck moose with a heart for cows

Vita Murrow and Laivi Poder

£9.99 £9.49

Read about Sterling, the silly moose, who loved cows. It was the time of disco and flower crowns. The heartbeat of the era reached Sterling, the 1,000 pound moose in his woodsy marsh in Canada.

True Stories of Animal Heroes: Talala: the curious leopard cub who lived with lions

Vita Murrow and Alexandra Finkeldey

£9.99 £9.49

Read about Talala, the curious leopard cub, who lived with lions. When Talala found herself the sole survivor of her pack in Gir National Park, she began a quest to find a new family. A new series, based on real-life animal tales, discover that not all heroes wear capes – some have four legs, a wet nose, and a brave heart. Big or small, fall in love with animal friends who have lived truly wild lives.

The Big Book of Belonging

Yuval Zommer

£14.99 £14.24

The Big Book of Belonging is a timely celebration of all the ways that humans are connected to life on planet Earth. With children at the heart of every beautifully illustrated spread, this book draws parallels between the way humans, plants, and animals live and behave. We all breathe the same air and take warmth from the same sun, we grow, we adapt to the seasons, and we live together in family groups. Readers will be fascinated to learn that instead of using words to communicate, fava beans send chemical messages through their roots, Caribbean reef squid send warnings of danger and even declarations of love by changing color, and that adorable big-eyed primates called tarsiers make calls to one another over the noise of the rainforest that are too high-pitched for predators to hear. By putting children at the heart of the book’s concept, author Yuval Zommer unites readers of the Big Book series from all corners of the world under one banner—of belonging to planet Earth. The book’s gentle message of caring for nature will inspire readers of all ages and encourage a new generation of environmentalists to flourish.

The Big Book of Birds

Yuval Zommer

£14.99 £14.24

Why is a flamingo pink? Can a parrot talk? Is a bald eagle really bald? You’ll find the answers to these flighty questions and many more inside. Play search and find in the pictures, too. Can you spot the special egg? Meet all kinds of colourful, magnificent, silly and surprising feathered creatures from around the world in this first book of birds to share with young children. It is packed with facts about how different types of bird hunt, survive and show off.

The Big Book of Bugs

Yuval Zommer

£14.99 £14.24

Just how slow does a snail go? Are bugs afraid of the dark? Why do ants march in a line? Find out the answers to these and many more bug questions. Play search and find in the pictures, too. Will you spot all the bugs? Meet all kinds of flying, stinging, wriggling bugs from around the world in this first animal book to share with young children. It's packed with facts about how different kinds of bugs eat, hunt and have babies in the wild

The Big Book of Blooms

Yuval Zommer

£14.99 £14.24

The gorgeous edition of Yuval Zommer’s bestselling series introduces young children to all kinds of colourful, carnivorous, weird and wonderful flowering plants from around the world. It opens with introductory spreads on how to be a botanist; how to recognise different types of flowers; the life-cycle of a plant; flower anatomy; and the seven types of animal pollinators including bats, birds and beetles. Subsequent spreads, illustrated within various habitats, are dedicated to specific varieties of plants, including the carnivorous venus flytrap, the giant water lily and the weird and wonderful corpse flower. Readers will enjoy learning about different edible flowers and why flowers are fragrant or colourful, not to mention grisly details about carnivorous and poisonous flowers.

The Big Book of Beasts

Yuval Zommer

£14.99 £14.24

Why do wolves howl at the moon? Do hyenas really laugh? Why do hippos love the mud? Find out the answers to these and many more beastly questions. Play search and find in the pictures, too. Can you spot all the special paw prints? Meet all kinds of grizzly, hairy, wild and wonderful beasts from around the world in this first book of animals to share with young children. It's packed with facts about how different types of wild animals eat, hunt and survive.

The Big Book of the Blue

Yuval Zommer

£14.99 £14.24

Why do octopuses have eight arms? Why do crabs run sideways? Are jellyfish made of jelly? Yuval Zommer’s beautiful new book provides the answers to these and many more fishy questions. His wonderfully quirky illustrations show off all kinds of slippery, shimmery and surprising sea creatures, including sea turtles, whales, sharks, rays and seahorses. Chatty, funny and full of amazing facts, it will be devoured by children eager to find out about the most exciting creatures from the deep blue.

Punk Rocker Poodle

Laura Dockrill and Sandhya Prabhat

£6.99 £6.64

This book has a crazy rock’n’roll attitude! Its feisty star explodes across the book’s vibrantly illustrated pages, and the in-your-face text will be a hit with punk rocker kids (and parents!).

The Wild Garden

Cynthia Cliff

£11.99 £11.39

A story about Jilly, who loves to go rambling through the forest with her grandpa. It’s a heartfelt book about the joys of exploration, and the art shows a deep love for nature and its wonders.

An Artist's Eyes

Frances Tosdevin and Clemence Monnet

£12.99 £12.34

A lovely book about something very dear to our hearts here at Storytime. We work with dozens of very talented artists – and we are always amazed by the wonderful images they create! The story is about Mo, who goes for a walk with little Jo and shows her how to see new shapes, colours and textures in the world around her. This book will teach you how to look at things like an artist would!

We Are Family

Lucy Reynolds and Jenna Herman

£12.99 £12.34

A gorgeous and original book that is full of facts that will delight any nature-lover. It describes how dozens of species of all kinds breed, how they form families and the many different ways that animals raise their young – from ants and beavers to whales and emperor penguins! As well as being informative and entertaining, We Are Family is a celebration of families of all kinds, and the ways in which they are all special. We also have to mention how incredible this large-format hardcover looks. The illustrations are in a vibrantly-coloured collage style that is lively, unique and eye-catching!

British Museum: Goddess: 50 Goddesses, Spirits, Saints and Other Female Figures Who Have Shaped Belief

Dr Janina Ramirez and Sarah Walsh

£18.99 £18.04

This book is about female mythological figures from around the world. Inside, you will find 50 goddesses, rulers, witches, demons and protectors of all types. Each entry is lavishly illustrated and includes a history of a mythical figure and information about the role they played in the culture they came from. Goddess was created in collaboration with the British Museum, and is sure to inspire any feisty young females you might know...

Thank You for the Little Things

CARYL HART and Emily Hamilton

£12.99 £12.34

Thank You For The Little Things is all about taking pleasure in the small things in life. The bright and cheerful art will put a smile on your face!

Big Hedgehog and Little Hedgehog Take An Evening Stroll

Britta Teckentrup

£10.99 £10.44

A delightful story with gorgeous art! Big Hedgehog is hurrying home one evening – but Little Hedgehog wants to savour the sights, sounds and smells of the night-time woods...

Frank and Bert

Chris Naylor-Ballesteros

£6.99 £6.64

Frank and Bert is about a fox and a bear who love to play hide-and-seek! The trouble is, Bert is really bad at it... The story is told from Frank’s point of view, and readers will have fun joining him on a romp across the beautifully illustrated pages as he looks for Bert. But this tale also has a deeper message: it’s about being a good sport and cherishing our friends.

Snowy White

Gareth P. Jones and Loretta Schauer

£7.99 £7.59

A cat-centric take on a certain fairy tale, though it soon takes on a life of its own! This book is filled with loveable characters, and the illustrations are cute and humorous.

Daddy's Rainbow

Lucy Rowland and Becky Cameron

£12.99 £12.34

Daddy's Rainbow is about loving someone very special – and then losing them. Though it sounds sad, the beautiful words and pictures show us how we never really lose people we love.

The Brainiac's Book of the Climate and Weather

ROSIE COOPER and Harriet Russell

£14.99 £14.24

This book is about a topic that is on everybody’s mind these days! You’re sure to have a lot of questions about the weather and climate change – and this book has the answers. Even better, the information is presented in an engaging way. The bright and fun illustrations and graphics make complicated ideas easy to understand.

Dinosaurs on Kitten Island

Michael Slack

£6.99 £6.64

This features two of our favourite things! Three dinos pay a visit to their feline neighbours – and chaos ensues! The cartoonish illustrations really deliver on the zany premise, but this story also has a lovely message about overcoming fears and making new friends!

This Tree is Just for Me!

Lucy Rowland and Laura Hughes

£12.99 £12.34

A book about trying to read a book! The catchy rhymes and vibrant art tell the tale of Jack – who tries to read in a tree but is distracted by various animals!

Atlas of Amazing Migrations

Megan Lee and Matt Sewell

£16.99 £16.14

An exceptional book, and a must-read for any nature lover. Matt Sewell is an ornithologist (scientist who studies birds) as well as an illustrator, and he has used his artistic skills and scientific knowledge to create this gorgeous volume about the amazing journeys that animals make across our planet. As you turn the pages, you will feel as if you are travelling alongside different insects, birds, reptiles and mammals as they make their migrations.

Once Upon A Silent Night: A Nativity Story

Dawn Casey and Katie Hickey

£12.99 £12.34

The lovely words and art retell the Christmas story in a new and compelling way in this tale about a mother seeking shelter for her baby.

We'll Be Together Again

Lucy Menzies and Maddy Vian

£12.99 £12.34

A sweet and beautiful story that will resonate with readers who might not be able to spend Christmas with their families. The book contains two separate booklets that tell the tales of a granddaughter and grandfather who want to be together for the holidays. These gorgeously illustrated volumes are meant to be read side by side, as a shared reading experience.

Santa's New Sleigh

Caroline Crowe and Jess Pauwels

£12.99 £12.34

When Santa’s sleigh doesn’t start, Lizzie the elf engineer comes up with a new eco-friendly power source. The rhyming text and action-packed artwork make this great fun to read with others.

Jingle Smells

Mark Sperring and Sophie Corrigan


Jingle Smells brings some extra-stinky fun to the festive season! All kids are sure to enjoy this vibrantly illustrated tale of a smelly skunk who saves Christmas with his noxious odours.

The Bear and Her Book

Frances Tosdevin and Sophia O'Connor

£7.99 £7.59

This stars one of our favourite animals – a big furry bear! She sets out to explore the world and meets many creatures along the way. All of them are suffering from some kind of injury or illness, but the bear has a book that lists cures for everything! The story has beautiful illustrations, and teaches us how wonderful and useful books can be!

The Witchling's Wish

LU FRASER and Sarah Massini


The Witchling's Wish mixes charm and magic to create a story of wonder! The detailed art is a joy to explore, and the rhyming text makes this tale of a lonely little witch fun to read out loud!

The Barnabus Project

Terry Fan, Eric Fan, et al.

£14.99 £14.24

The Barnabus Project was created by three brothers, and it combines science fiction with kid-friendly adventure! Miniature elephant Barnabus and his quirky friends escape from a secret lab in this funny and gorgeously illustrated story.

If I Were King

Chelsea O'Byrne

£11.99 £11.39

A tale about a boy named Thomas. He wishes he was a king – and wakes up in a castle when his wish comes true. The gorgeous art captures the fun of the story perfectly.

When I See Red

Britta Teckentrup

£12.99 £12.34

This book is all about how anger makes us feel, and the vibrant pictures and rhyming words explode across the pages! A beautiful and unusual book that ends with the message that even our worst rages will pass.

The Last Seaweed Pie

Wenda Shurety and Paddy Donnelly

£6.99 £6.64

The Last Seaweed Pie is about pollution and learning to cooperate – but the imaginative world of the Tree-ple and Sea-ple is so creative and wonderfully illustrated that you might not even notice the message at first!


Stephen Hogtun

£12.99 £12.34

A haunting and beautiful story told from an unusual point of view: the characters in it are trees! The dreamlike art takes us through the seasons, and makes us think about life from a new perspective.

Nen and the Lonely Fisherman

Ian Eagleton and James Mayhew

£7.99 £7.59

A tale that is both familiar and original. It mixes melancholy and hope, and the gorgeous pencil art brings a touch of magic to this tale of a merman who builds a special friendship with a lonely fisherman.

My Beautiful Voice

Joseph Coelho and Ms. Allison Colpoys

£11.99 £11.39

A very special book that would make an ideal gift for a child who is shy about speaking! It’s a vividly illustrated story about a tongue-tied child who is gently coaxed into expressing herself by a kindly teacher.

Georgie Grows a Dragon!

Emma Lazell

£16.95 £16.10

This tale is about a girl who loves to garden – and is shocked when she discovers a dragon in a plant pot! It is a fun and original story, and the artwork is a real treat. It is bright, vibrant and full of surprises!

The Viking Who Liked Icing

LU FRASER and Mark McKinley

£12.99 £12.34

A wonderful volume with fun rhyming text and action-packed pictures. Nut may not be good at typical ‘Viking stuff’ – but he makes up for it by being good at baking...

Mole in a Black and White Hole

Tereza Sediva

£11.99 £11.39

A lovely book for readers who are looking for something a little different. It’s about a burrowing mammal who is scared of the world above him, but is encouraged to venture outside by the radish that grows through his ceiling! It’s a heartfelt tale about overcoming fear and appreciating the wonders of the world, and the bold and original illustrations are a key part of the story.

The Cat and the Rat and the Hat

Em Lynas and Matt Hunt

£11.99 £11.39

This proves that stories for beginning readers can still be great fun! It was written to be read out loud, and the pictures of the title characters and their zany fashion choices make it engaging for children and adults alike. A fantastic bedtime read!

There Is No Big Bad Wolf In This Story

Lou Carter and Deborah Allwright


This story has a very long title – and it might even be truthful! It does star a hairy villain from many fairy tales, but he decides that he doesn’t want to be bad any more. The bright and lively art just adds to the fun of this tale about how people can change!

You Can't Take an Elephant on Holiday

Patricia Cleveland-Peck and David Tazzyman

£12.99 £12.34

A book with a very important message. That message is: an elephant will get up to all kinds of mischief if you take it with you on vacation! The lively illustrations and rhyming text make this a fantastic holiday-time read.

Let's Make Some Great Art: Colours

Marion Deuchars

£9.99 £9.49

A must-read for any child with a passion for art. It discusses colour theory, the tools artists use, and even how different paints are created. The fun colour-based exercises in this volume are sure to open kids’ eyes to new artistic possibilities.


Dorien Brouwers

£13.99 £13.29

A book about sailing on the ocean – but it is also about the challenges we all face in life! The vivid artwork captures the excitement, fear and happiness that a sailor experiences when they go sailing on the wild and beautiful ocean.

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