Children's Christmas Booklist 9-11 Years Old

By Barnes Bookshop

By Barnes Bookshop

The Night Bus Hero

Onjali Q. Rauf

£6.99 £6.50

Everyone think Hector is just a bully. They don't believe he could be a hero. With the help of Mei Li enters the world of the homeless to solve a crime.

The Miracle on Ebenezer Street

Catherine Doyle

£12.99 £12.08

George and his dad are swept on an adventure to three Christmases - past, present, and future. With help from new friends, and just a touch of magic.

Serpentine: A short story from the world of His Dark Materials and The Book of Dust

Philip Pullman and Tom Duxbury

£7.99 £7.43

In this snapshot of their forever-changed lives Lyra and Pan return to the North to visit an old friend, where they learn things are not exactly as they seem.

The Day I Fell Into a Fairytale: The new bestseller from Ben Miller, author of Christmas classic The Night I Met Father Christma

Ben Miller and Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini

£12.99 £12.08

When Harrison decides he's too grown-up to play with Lana she finds herself feeling lonely. Until something magical happens - a portal to a fairytale world!

Tinsel: The Girls Who Invented Christmas

Sibeal Pounder

£9.99 £9.29

The tale of the Girls who invented Christmas, a riproaring adventure of two formidable heroines.

Shoe Wars (the laugh-out-loud, packed-with-pictures new adventure from the creator of Tom Gates)

Liz Pichon

£12.99 £12.08

Welcome to Shoe Town - and meet Ruby and Bear Foot. They are running out of time to rescue their inventor dad from his hideous boss, Wendy Wedge.

The Good Bear

Sarah Lean and Fiona Woodcock

£12.99 £12.08

There is a bear living in the woods in Norway. Bear's life is in danger. Thea needs to show everyone that he's not dangerous, if she is brave enough.

Brand New Boy

David Almond and Marta Altes

£10.99 £10.22

When a new boy joins the class, everyone thinks he's a bit strange, but he's brilliant at football and loves crisps, what is he really?


Eve McDonnell

£8.99 £8.36

On the eve of the Great Flood of 1928 the river is about to overflow. Can Glory, her time-traveller friend Needle and her pet crow change the future?

The Thirteenth Fairy

Melissa de la Cruz

£7.99 £7.43

Filomena is thrust into a world of fairies, sorcerers, dragons and slayers, where an evil queen is determined to wipe out the fairy tribes.