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The Ministry of Truth: A Biography of George Orwell's 1984

Dorian Lynskey

£9.99 £9.29

Publication Date: 07.01.21 Longlisted for the Baillie Gifford Prize for Non-Fiction 2019Longlisted for the Orwell Prize for Political Writing 2020 'Fascinating . . . If you have even the slightest interest in Orwell or in the development of our culture, you should not miss this engrossing, enlightening book.' John Carey, Sunday TimesGeorge Orwell's 1984 has become a defining narrative of the modern world. Its cultural influence can be observed in some of the most notable creations of the past seventy years, from Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale to the reality TV landmark Big Brother, while ideas such as 'thought police', 'doublethink', and 'Newspeak' are ingrained in our language. The Ministry of Truth charts the life of one of the most influential books of the twentieth century and a work that is ever more relevant in this tumultuous era of 'fake news' and 'alternative facts'. Dorian Lynskey investigates the influences that came together in the writing of 1984 from Orwell's experiences in the Spanish Civil War and in wartime London to his fascination with utopian and dystopian fiction. Lynskey explores the phenomenon the novel became when it was first published in 1949 and the changing ways in which it has been read over the decades since, revealing how history can inform fiction and how fiction can influence history. 'Everything you wanted to know about 1984 but were too busy misusing the word "Orwellian" to ask.' Caitlin Moran

The Young Entrepreneur: How to Start A Business While You're Still a Student

Swish Goswami and Quinn Underwood

£14.99 £13.94

Publication Date: 01.01.21 Do you have the next great start-up idea? Do you already think like an entrepreneur - but haven't yet finished your studies? Research shows that Generation Z (those born roughly between 1996 and 2015) are the most entrepreneurial generation yet. If you don't want to wait until you graduate before launching the next big thing, then this book - written by successful young entrepreneurs and Gen Z-ers Swish Goswami and Quinn Underwood - is for you. Showing you step-by-step how to set up and run your business (without dropping out!), The Young Entrepreneur guides you through the real-life case study of Swish & Quinn's latest venture, and shows you how you can do it too. Packed with practical and realistic advice, and useful links and templates, The Young Entrepreneur gives you the unvarnished truth of how you can get your business idea off the ground - without sacrificing your education. Featuring inspiring examples and an invaluable resources section to give you the tools you need, this book is your one-stop guide to jump start your entrepreneurial journey.

The City of Tears

Kate Mosse

£20.00 £18.60

Publication Date: 21/01/21 Following on from the Sunday Times number one bestseller, The Burning Chambers, Kate Mosse's The City of Tears is the second thrilling historical epic in The Burning Chambers series, for fans of Ken Follett and Dan Brown. June 1572: for ten, violent years the Wars of Religion have raged across France. Neighbours have become enemies, countless lives have been lost, and the country has been torn apart over matters of religion, citizenship and sovereignty.

Is It Really Green?: Everyday eco dilemmas answered

Georgina Wilson-Powell

£12.99 £12.08

Publication Date: 07.01.21 Find clarity on everyday green-living dilemmas to maximize your sustainabilityAre paper bags always more environmentally friendly than plastic? How much better for the planet are electric cars? What saves more water - using the dishwasher or washing up by hand?We all want to do the right thing for the planet, but with so many factors at play it can be difficult to work out which is the greenest way. With answers to more than 140 everyday green-living questions, Is it really green? cuts through the confusion and gives you the facts. Get to the heart of each eco-conundrum, interrogate your instincts, and make informed decisions to reduce your ecological footprint.

Vega Jane and the Secrets of Sorcery

David Baldacci and Tomislav Tomic

£7.99 £7.43

Publication Date: 07.01.20 Full of monsters, magic, danger and mystery, Vega Jane and the Secrets of Sorcery is the first title in the thrilling fantasy adventure series by bestselling master storyteller David Baldacci. Illustrated throughout by Tomislav Tomic. Vega Jane is fourteen when she is secretly given a map that reveals a mysterious world and dangerous creatures beyond the walls of Wormwood, a place no one has ever left - or wanted to. Until now. The map makes her question everything she has ever been told about the place she calls home. Her friend Delph and her dog, Harry Two, are the only ones Vega trusts. Trapped by secrets and lies, they want freedom and truth. But she will have to fight for freedom. And the truth may cost Vega her life. Continue the adventure series with Vega Jane and the Maze of Monsters. Vega Jane and the Secrets of Sorcery was previously published as The Finisher and has been edited for younger readers and re-illustrated throughout.

The Hidden Girls

Rebecca Whitney

£14.99 £13.94

Publication Date: 31.12.20 How does the saying go? Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not out to get you . . . For Ruth, a new mother recovering from postpartum psychosis, every day is difficult and, after months spent hearing voices in the walls and trusting no one, she's no longer confident in her own judgement. Neither, it seems, is anyone else. So, when she hears a scream from the local petrol station one night, she initially decides it must be her mind playing tricks again. The police, too, are polite but firm: she must stop calling them every time she thinks she hears something. And her husband is frustrated; he'd hoped Ruth was getting better at last. Ruth can't quite let it go . . . What if there was a scream? What if it was someone in trouble? Someone who needs Ruth's help? Exploring the dark and isolating side of motherhood, the question at the heart of Rebecca Whitney's The Hidden Girls is how much you can help someone else when you can't trust anyone - even yourself .

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