Controversies & Provocations

By Hurst Publishers

By Hurst Publishers

Controversies & Provocations

History Has Begun: The Birth of a New America

Bruno Macaes


Heineken in Africa: A Multinational Unleashed

Olivier van Beemen


Sweden's Dark Soul: The Unravelling of a Utopia

Kajsa Norman


Shooting Up: A History of Drugs in Warfare

Lukasz Kamienski


God is No Thing: Coherent Christianity

Rupert Shortt


Is Europe Christian?

Olivier Roy


Follow Me, Akhi: The Online World of British Muslims

Hussein Kesvani


Selling Hitler: Propaganda and the Nazi Brand

Nicholas Jackson O'Shaughnessy


What is a Refugee?

William Maley


Apartheid Guns and Money: A Tale of Profit

Hennie Van Vuuren


Faithonomics: Religion and the Free Market

Torkel Brekke