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By The Book Warren

By The Book Warren

Make It, Do It or release your inner Creative

Crochet Hacking: Repair and Refashion Clothes with Crochet

Emma Friedlander-Collins

£15.99 £14.87

Turning Green Wood

Michael O'Donnell

£16.98 £15.79

Making Metal Clay Jewellery

Julia Rai

£9.99 £9.29

The Repair Shop: Tales from the Workshop of Dreams

Karen Farrington

£20.00 £18.60

Crocheted Dogs

Vanessa Mooncie

£14.99 £13.94

Knitting from Fair Isle: 15 contemporary designs inspired by tradition

Mati Ventrillon

£18.98 £17.65

'There are a few new [Fair Isle or Shetland lace] knitting books ... but this is the first one to come out this season and has set the bar high.' - Shiny New BooksMati Ventrillon's inspiration comes from the technique of creating patterns with multiple colours that was first used by the women of Fair Isle, one of the Shetland Islands, more than two centuries ago. Her designs, which have featured on the Chanel catwalk, are inspired by tradition but use her own modern interpretation of colour and pattern arrangement. The book includes fisherman jumpers with high, crew and slash necks, a poncho, neck warmer, cowl and long scarf, fingerless gloves and hand and wrist warmers, as well as the traditional fisherman's hats known as keps. The patterns demonstrate how to experiment with colour and play with backgrounds. They are accompanied by expert tips on yarns and finishing. Inspirational photography provides a window into life on this most remote of Scottish islands. Instagram: @fairisle_knitwear

Statement Macrame: Create Stunning Large-Scale Wall Art, Headboards, Backdrops and Plant Hangers with Step-by-Step Tutorials

Natalie Ranae

£17.98 £16.72

Natalie Ranae taught readers the basics of designing macrame in her first book, Macrame at Home, and now she is back to teach next-level macrame projects. Just as Natalie created large-scale, chic macrame pieces for spas, such as the Knot Springs in Portland, Oregon, or The Beauty Barn in Ontario, Canada, readers will learn to craft sizable decorations for the home that take anywhere from 1-4 weeks. With the knotted-rope craft already making a huge comeback in home decor, this book will be a great asset to those who grasp the basic technique of macrame and now want to make large, astonishing pieces.

Make, Stitch & Knit for Baby: 35 Super-Cute and Easy Craft Projects

Emile Guelpa

£17.98 £16.72

From the bestselling author of Start Where You Are comes a beautifully illustrated and integrative journal for easing the everyday anxieties we all carry. Feeling anxious, uncertain, or overwhelmed? You're not alone. In this empowering new tool for self-care, popular artist and author Meera Lee Patel presents a fresh approach to feeling better. Designed to help us better understand and dial down the everyday worries getting in our way, these thoughtful and beautifully illustrated journal pages are a safe space for reflection, insight, and the freedom to move forward with more clarity and joy. Bringing together inspiring quotes from great thinkers and writers throughout history with engaging journal prompts and plenty of room to capture your thoughts, the book is a calming breath of fresh air and a quiet space to reflect and recharge in a hectic and uncertain world.

A Partridge in a Pear Tree: Crochet the 12 birds of Christmas

Kerry Lord

£11.99 £11.15

A unique collection of crochet patterns for the 12 birds of Christmas. Taking inspiration from the famous Christmas carol, Kerry Lord, author of the Edward's Menagerie series and founder of TOFT yarns, has created this unique crochet collection. Including John the Spotted Woodpecker for 12 Drummers Drumming, Lydia the Greylag Goose for 6 Geese a-laying and, of course, Felix the Partridge in a pear tree, this is Christmas fun at its most creative. Patterns include: 12 Drummers Drumming - John the Spotted Woodpecker 11 Pipers Piping - Nina the Sandpiper 10 Lords-a-Leaping - Agnes the Heron 9 Ladies Dancing - Loise the Cormorant 8 Maids-a-milking - Delilah the Cattle Egret 7 Swans-a-swimming - Margot the Black Swan6 Geese a-laying - Lydia the Greylag Goose 5 Gold Rings - Gilbert the Pheasant 4 Calling Birds - Peter the Blackbird 3 French Hens - Ruth the Hen 2 Turtle Doves - Beatrice the Turtle Dove And a Partridge - Felix the Partridge

Thread Doodling: Over 20 Modern Designs for Stitching in the Moment

Carina Envoldsen-Harris

£9.99 £9.29

Over 20 different contemporary embroideries to transfer and stitch, plus 11 extra transfer designs to get your creative juices flowing!In Carina's latest book, discover how to 'doodle' embroider and create over 20 different designs full of colour and personalityKickstart your journey to original, personal doodle work with a variety of designs, ranging from formal patterns - such as geometrics, mandalas, labyrinths and knots gardens - to more experimental, free-form shapes that will encourage you to explore your skills and creativity. Then, be taken step by step through Carina's 'Garden' sampler, so you can see how to forge a unique embroidery yourself with no design to follow. The 22 designs can fit either in a 3- or 6-inch hoop, which are easy to source instore or online.

How to Draw Inky Wonderlands: Create and Colour Your Own Magical Adventure

Johanna Basford

£12.99 £12.08

Unleash your inner artist and learn to draw with 'queen of colouring' Johanna Basford. In this beautiful, accessible guide Johanna shares the fun, simple, no-skills-needed secrets to creating your own flora, fauna and fantasies inspired by her bestselling and beloved colouring books. With step-by-step exercises, inspiring prompts and plenty of pages to colour, let your creativity run wild. How to Draw Inky Wonderlands invites you to develop your personal drawing style and master creating marvellous creatures and landscapes using only the pen or pencil in your hand and the wildest reaches of your imagination.

Woodwork: The Complete Step-by-step Manual


£25.00 £23.25

Get started on your woodworking skills with this ultimate guide to essential carpentry techniques, tools, tips and tricks. Complete and easy directions for key skills, from simple joinery techniques to more involved woodworking projects, with clear helpful photographs. New carpenters will learn about the essential tools needed, the principles of basic design, and practice crucial techniques, such as wood joints, finishing, woodturning, and furniture restoration. Experienced crafters will enjoy enhancing their skills and learning something new. We'll make sure you choose the right wood for the job, find more than 100 hard and softwoods, and their properties in our handy directory. Put your skills into practice with 28 DIY woodworking projects.

Soap Crafting: Step-By-Step Techniques for Making 31 Unique Cold-Process Soaps

Anne-Marie Faiola

£13.99 £13.01

Soapmaking is the perfect union of chemistry and craft. And making soap at home allows soapmakers of all levels to transform the functional into the fantastic

Painting on Pottery: 22 Modern, Colourful Designs

Tania Zaoui

£9.99 £9.29

Transform your plain pottery into exciting, colourful and contemporary pieces for the home in a trice! You don't need pottery classes, or even a kiln to glaze your creations - you can make gorgeous items quickly and easily by painting plain, shop-bought ceramic items and baking them in a domestic oven. With 22 colourful projects to make, there are decorative plates, bowls, cups and pots, vases, a lamp - and even earrings and a necklace. With simple techniques to follow, all explained in clear and simple terms, you just need a few brushes, some ceramic paints and some plain pottery and away you go! If you love painted ceramics, patterns and making little gifts - this book is for you!

Botanist's Sticker Anthology


£19.98 £18.58

Practical Folk Art

Sally & Stewart Walton

£8.99 £8.36

Bulky Knit Wraps & Cowls: 9 Quick, Cozy Knits

Tabetha Hedrick

£6.95 £6.46

500+ Crochet Stitches with CD

Annie's Crochet

£12.99 £12.08

Tool and Cutter Sharpening

Harold Hall

£7.95 £7.39

Bookies: Bookmarks to Crochet

Jonas Matthies

£15.49 £14.40

Outlander Knitting

Sony Picture Consumer Product

£19.98 £18.58

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