Friday Book Debrief - Volume 1

By The Book Slut

By The Book Slut

Every Friday we share some of the books that our writers have been reading.


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Trick Mirror : Reflections on Self-Delusion

Jia Tolentino

£9.99 £9.29

A piece of critical analysis that makes you both squirm and sigh. She has been called a modern day Joan Didion for her observant and sharp writing, but she’s a unique force to be reckoned with

Summer of '69: One Summer. So Many Secrets . . . The most unputdownable beach read of summer 2020

Elin Hilderbrand

£8.99 £8.36

I’ve been having a hard time committing to a book recently, doing the old read 20 pages and start a new book until every book on my shelf is 15% finished sort of thing thing. Finding something easy and entertaining seemed like the best way back to actually finishing a book. Somewhat predictable, but in the most comforting way, Summer of ’69 is a quick and enjoyable read.

All the Rage: Mothers, Fathers, and the Myth of Equal Partnership

Darcy Lockman

£12.99 £12.08

This is the best kind of nonfiction: truly riveting and teaching you something on every page. The topic is aggravating, to say the least, so brace yourself for a fresh wave of anger at *society.*

Yellow Notebook: Diaries Volume One 1978 - 1987

Helen Garner

£14.99 £13.94

While my first instinct is to inhale Yellow Notebook in one greedy gulp, every ounce of willpower is helping me to savor each and every page. I'm entranced by Garner's astute and candid observations and am slightly surprised at how compelling decades-old diary entries can be.

What Is Missing: A Novel

Michael Frank

£12.99 £12.08

I read the first 20 pages over lunch, unsure of what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by the slow, intricate & contemplative style which reminded me of Celeste Ng’s Everything I Never Told You.

Six of Crows: Book 1

Leigh Bardugo

£8.99 £8.36

I am re-reading this beauty for book club, (The Crooked Bookclub, hit me up Sydney siders), and again I find myself savouring every moment. It is not often that I don't want to continue reading a book for the sake of being able to make the journey last longer, and yet here we are.


Leslie Marmon Silko

£9.99 £9.29

Reading slowly and ruminating on the way Silko is building her intense and tragic story centered on a Native American man back from WWII. Her writing is a marvel and similar to Cormac McCarthy so far.

The Furies

Katie Lowe

£8.99 £8.36

All the rich, broody detail and creepy, witchy vibes you could ask for. This new release is billed as Emma Cline's The Girls meets Donna Tartt's The Secret History — and as an ardent fan of both, I concur.