How to Love Brutalism further reading

By John Grindrod

By John Grindrod

How to Love Brutalism further reading

Raw Concrete: The Beauty of Brutalism

Barnabas Calder


This Brutal World

Peter Chadwick


Brutal London

Simon Phipps


Atlas of Brutalist Architecture

Phaidon Editors


Concrete Poetry: Post-War Modernist Public Art

Simon Phipps


Brutalism: Post-War British Architecture, Second Edition

Alexander Clement



Billy Reading


Brutalist London Map

Henrietta Billings


Modern Forms: A Subjective Atlas of 20th Century Architecture

Nicolas Grospierre


Landscapes of Communism: A History Through Buildings

Owen Hatherley


Concrete and Culture: A Material History

Adrian Forty


Concrete, Mini Format

William Hall and Leonard Koren


Redefining Brutalism

Simon Henley


Towards a New Architecture

Le Corbusier



Reyner Banham


Concrete Island

J. G. Ballard


St Peter's, Cardross: Birth, Death and Renewal

Diane M Watters


Erno Goldfinger

Elain Harwood and Alan Powers