it's spring and our thoughts turn to travel

By the modernist

By the modernist

it's spring and our thoughts turn to travel

Modernist Escapes: An Architectural Travel Guide

Stefi Orazi


Airline Maps: A Century of Art and Design

Mark Ovenden and Maxwell Roberts


Asmara: Africa's Secret Modernist City

Edward Denison, Guang Yu Ren, et al.


Chicago: The Monocle Travel Guide Series



Expo 58

Jonathan Coe


Butlin's Holiday Camp 1982

Barry Lewis



Natalie Nelson


Airport Architecture

Chris van Uffelen


The Modern Airport Terminal: New Approaches to Airport...

Denmark) Edwards Brian (Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts


Trans-Europe Express: Tours of a Lost Continent

Owen Hatherley


Bauhaus 100: Sites of Modernism

Werner Durth and Wolfgang Pehnt