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The Explorer

Katherine Rundell and Hannah Horn

£7.99 £7.43

A tale full of adventure, exploration and excitement as four children find their way home from the deepest part of the Amazon jungle. A pacy and exciting book, nearly impossible to put down and with an ending that does more than just conclude the story; as life is at risk and new skills have to be learnt so fast.

Tree Beings

Sandra Severgnini and Raymond Huber

£14.99 £13.94

Tree Beings takes you inside the incredible world of trees. How do they talk to each other and how do they enrich the whole planet. There is a foreword from Dr Jane Goodall, who brings real soul and understanding to just why we should all know and understand about trees. They are a big clue in how we can save the planet. Review: Sue Martin


Armin Greder

£12.99 £12.08

A powerful book in graphic black and white images, showing the true relationships between diamonds, the mine diggers and gift receivers. Through the images we follow a journey from a home, where the mother is explaining about diamonds to her daughter before she goes out. The young girl is put to bed by her African Nanny Amina, and later has a nightmare. Review: Sue Martin

The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling

Wai Chim

£6.99 £6.50

Anna Chiu has her hands full looking after her siblings and helping out at her Dad’s restaurant, all while her Mum stays in bed. The new delivery boy Rory, is a welcome distraction and even though things aren’t right at home, Anna starts to feel like she could be a normal teen... Review: Sue Martin

Hasina: Through My Eyes

Michelle Aung Thin

£5.99 £5.57

A gripping story of one child’s experience of the refugee crisis in Myanmar. The men come at night. The first Hasina knows of it is her aunt’s voice, urgent,full of fear.’Up, up.Get up! ‘The second thing is smoke.Then there is a scream.’Run,’ her father shouts. ‘And don’t stop!’... Review: Sue Martin

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