Margaret's Delightful Double Acts and Sensational Sidekicks

By The Alligator's Mouth

By The Alligator's Mouth

Two for the price of one fun - these dynamic duos are all favourites in the Alligator's Mouth

Knighthood for Beginners

Elys Dolan

£6.99 £6.50

Dave is rubbish at being a dragon, so he decides to give knighthood a go. He is ably assisted by his faithful steed Albrecht, a German goat with a mysterious past and a remarkably glossy coat. Together they are unstoppable..

The Cat and the King

Nick Sharratt

£6.99 £6.50

After a dragon-related incident, the King and his Cat must leave their castle and learn to be normal. The king is childlike and unworldly, so the cat acts as PA and does all the organising. He can't speak though. Because that would be silly.

Mango & Bambang: The Not-a-Pig (Book One)

Polly Faber and Clara Vulliamy

£6.99 £6.50

Mango is a super-capable, clever little girl. When she rescues Bambang (a Tapir, NOT a pig) they embark on a series of adventures. A series full of charm, humour and kindness

The Naughtiest Unicorn

Pip Bird and David O'Connell

£5.99 £5.57

Mira is off to Unicorn School, where she will be paired with a glittery, sparkly, well-behaved unicorn to be her bestie for life. Or will she? Cue Dave, who is very naughty, greedy, and fond of doughnuts and farting. Entertaining shenanigans ensue.

Mr Penguin and the Lost Treasure: Book 1

Alex T. Smith

£6.99 £6.50

Mr Penguin is a detective and an adventurer (you can tell by the arrow through his hat). His buddy Colin (a spider) is a taciturn but extremely competent martial arts expert. In a later book, he sings. Do not miss.

Dave Pigeon

Swapna Haddow and Sheena Dempsey

£6.99 £6.50

Dave and his sidekick Skipper are two pigeons in search of a place where they can safely eat biscuits and avoid Mean Cats. Dave is conceited and arrogant, but loveable. Skipper is long-suffering and writes everything down, no matter how silly. Will they ever find a home?

The Super Sidekicks: No Adults Allowed

Gavin Aung Than

£6.99 £6.50

Junior Justice has had enough of being a sidekick and so have his buddies Flygirl, Dynomite, and, er, Goo. Together they set out to defeat the evil Dr Enok, who is almost certainly trying to take over the world. These megavillains never get bored of that, do they? This is a whole book about sidekicks and we love it..