On the Shoulders of Giants

By Cambridge University Press Bookshop

By Cambridge University Press Bookshop

On the Shoulders of Giants

What Science Is and How It Really Works

James C. (University of Virginia) Zimring


The Origins of Modern Science: From Antiquity to the...

Ofer (University of Sydney) Gal


The Joy of Science: Seven Principles for Scientists Seeking...

Idaho) Schneider Jen (Boise State University and Roel (Colorado School of Mines) Snieder


Understanding Coronavirus

New York) Rabadan Raul (Columbia University


Quantum Physics: Illusion or Reality?

Alastair Rae


On Space and Time


The Theory of Evolution

John Maynard (University of Sussex) Smith


Why Life Speeds Up As You Get Older: How Memory Shapes our Past

The Netherlands) Draaisma Douwe (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen


A Question and Answer Guide to Astronomy

Jean-Rene Roy and Baltimore) Christian Carol (Space Telescope Science Institute


Schroedinger: Life and Thought

Walter Moore


The Life of Isaac Newton

Richard S. Westfall


Turn Left at Orion: Hundreds of Night Sky Objects to See in a...

State University of New York) Davis Dan M. (Stony Brook University and Vatican City) Consolmagno Guy (Vatican Observatory


The Large, the Small and the Human Mind

Roger (University of Oxford) Penrose


Mr Tompkins in Paperback

George Gamow


Thinking Strategically: Power Tools for Personal and...

Illinois) Loehle Craig (Argonne National Laboratory


Eruptions that Shook the World

Clive (University of Cambridge) Oppenheimer


The New World of Mr Tompkins: George Gamow's Classic Mr...

George Gamow and Michael Edwards


A Walk through the Heavens: A Guide to Stars and...

Wil Tirion and Milton D. Heifetz


Reaching for the Sun: How Plants Work

Canada) King John (University of Saskatchewan


Resilience: The Science of Mastering Life's Greatest Challenges

New York) Charney Dennis S. (Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Steven M. Southwick


Prime Numbers and the Riemann Hypothesis

Massachusetts) Mazur Barry (Harvard University and William (University of Washington) Stein


Genius Explained

Michael J. A. (University of Exeter) Howe


Brain Fables: The Hidden History of Neurodegenerative...

Alberto (University of Cincinnati) Espay and Benjamin Stecher


Critical Feeling: How to Use Feelings Strategically

Rolf (Universitetet i Oslo) Reber


The Cosmic Revolutionary's Handbook: (Or: How to Beat the Big...

Luke A. (Western Sydney University) Barnes and Geraint F. Lewis


The Ape that Understood the Universe: How the Mind and...

Steve (University of Nottingham) Stewart-Williams


Re-Engineering Humanity

New York) Selinger Evan (Rochester Institute of Technology and Brett Frischmann


Alan M. Turing: Centenary Edition

Sara Turing


How to Fold It: The Mathematics of Linkages, Origami, and...

Massachusetts) O'Rourke Joseph (Smith College


On the Origin of Species

Charles Darwin


Understanding Evolution

Kostas (Universite de Geneve) Kampourakis


On Growth and Form

D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson


The Psychology of Happiness: A Good Human Life

Fresno) Franklin Samuel S. (California State University


The Cambridge History of Science: Volume 2, Medieval Science

David C. Lindberg and Michael H. Shank