Profile Books New Releases for Autumn 2020

By Profile Books

By Profile Books

Profile Books New Releases for Autumn 2020

War: How Conflict Shaped Us

Professor Margaret MacMillan


Seven Kinds of People You Find in Bookshops

Shaun Bythell


Two Besides: A Pair of Talking Heads

Alan Bennett


Lives of the Stoics: The Art of Living from Zeno to Marcus...

Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman


The Black Book: The Britons on the Nazi Hitlist

Sybil Oldfield


The Aeneid: A New Translation



Figuring Out the Past: The 3,495 Vital Statistics that...

Peter Turchin and Daniel Hoyer


Strongmen: How They Rise, Why They Succeed, How They Fall

Ruth (Professor of Italian and History) Ben-Ghiat


The Peter Principle: Why Things Always Go Wrong

Raymond Hull and Dr Laurence J. Peter


Gods of Management: The Four Cultures of Leadership

Charles B. Handy


Pocket World in Figures 2021

The Economist