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By Sevenoaks Bookshop

By Sevenoaks Bookshop

Our Young Readers have exclusive insight into the best children and YA fiction on the market and have all the scoop on what you (or your child) should be reading right now!

The Boy Who Didn't Want to Die

Peter Lantos

£7.99 £7.59

Emily (12) says "‘The Boy Who Didn’t Want to Die’ is a heart warming story of life, death and the never-ending love of families. It tells the story of so many children who suffered throughout the Holocaust. The most incredible thing is that this is in fact the story of Peter Lantos’ very own childhood. I would recommend this book to 11-13 year olds who want a compelling read."

Libby and the Highland Heist

Jo Clarke

£7.99 £7.59

Sophie (7) says "I liked this book a lot. It is a tiny bit creepy. Many spooky things are happening… However, Libby is an interesting girl and she notices things quickly."

Bob vs the Selfie Zombies: a time-travel comedy adventure!

Andy Jones and Robin Boyden

£7.99 £7.59

Jessica (9) says "Very funny and page-turningly good. I would recommend this to anyone who likes time-travelling books but who also like brains and evil geniuses. Basically, I would recommend this to anyone who wants to read it."

Jayben and the Golden Torch: Book 1

Thomas Leeds

£7.99 £7.59

Samuel (11) says "It was an incredible story, I really liked the setting, a parallel world to ours. I also loved what he was following the footsteps of those before him. I really liked his friends, who helped him out so much."

A Million to One

Adiba Jaigirdar

£8.99 £8.54

Rosie (14) says "This book is a thrilling story of four unique girls in Ireland who plan to steal a historic artefact off the titanic. The beautiful description and colourful characters produce this gripping and exciting book. It is certainly an unforgettable tragedy which is heart-wrenching in this book."

The Song Walker

Zillah Bethell

£7.99 £7.59

Emily (11) "This book is an adventure through friendships and deserts. Can Moonflower and Tarni survive secrets? This book is fun to read and I would definitely recommend. It is all about Moonflower finding out about herself and Tarni finding someone while both travelling over the outback."

All Four Quarters of the Moon

Shirley Marr

£7.99 £7.59

Felicity (9) says "This book is about a family who decide to move from China to Australia. The sisters have to adapt to a new school where they don’t feel like they fit in. Peijing and Biju make friends and have fun. I liked this book because it gives you an insight to a different culture."


Penny Chrimes

£7.99 £7.59

Sylvie (11) says "I really, really like this book, probably the best one I’ve rated for Sevenoaks Bookshop! It is a beautiful, moving story about a young girl who has to save her village to protect the wild. For readers aged 10 – 13 years, and for those who liked ‘October, October’ by Katya Balen."

The Girl Who Broke the Sea

A. Connors

£8.99 £8.54

Peggy (11) says "It is a gripping and thought-provoking book that was enjoyable and amazing and I loved it! It’s a thrilling book and I recommend you read it."

Montgomery Bonbon: Murder at the Museum

Alasdair Beckett-King and CLAIRE POWELL

£7.99 £7.59

Chan Kyu (9) says "This book is one of the best mystery books ever. Loads of cliff-hangers and even murder! Recommend it to mystery lovers and ages 8-10 years."

Into the Dark Forest: The Wildsmith #1

Liz Flanagan and Joe Todd-Stanton

£7.99 £7.59

Miriam (8) says "I really enjoyed this book because it is very magical and now that I have read it I want to get second book 'Wildsmith: City of Secrets'! The one thing I didn't like was the opening of the story was a bit boring but the book got better and better. My favourite character was Raspberry, a real dragon, and Alyssa the witch."

Hotel of the Gods: Beware the Hellhound: Book 1

Tom Easton and Steve Brown

£6.99 £6.64

Jacob (7) says "I liked that Atlas gave the hellhound a big, nice belly rub and they were friends! It was a great book so thank you!"

I Must Betray You

Ruta Sepetys

£7.99 £7.59

Maya (15) says "This book is set in Romania in 1989 during the time it was a Communist country. I found this book very interesting and moving. The author told the story of the many difficulties the Romanian people had to face. I’d recommend this book for people age 13+."

Murder At Snowfall

Fleur Hitchcock

£7.99 £7.59

Annabelle (8) says "A thrilling murder mystery book which has lots of twists and turns. Step brother and sister Lucas and Ruby stumble upon a dead body in a cabinet outside and lots of strange happenings take place in their town. They have suspicions as to who the murderer is and set out to look for clues. Will they manage to find the culprit?"

Anne: An Adaptation of Anne of Green Gables (Sort Of)

Kathleen Gros

£9.99 £9.49

Megan (13) says "Anne is an inspiring graphic novel that shows Anne’s path through life as she faces difficult situations such as: going through the foster care system and bullying. But she makes an amazing friend who looks after her, but will that friendship blossom into something more? I loved this book and I think you will too."

The Boy Lost in the Maze

Joseph Coelho and Kate Milner

£12.99 £12.34

Sophie (15) says "When Theo has to do his coursework, he realises his life is quite similar to Theseus’. Both are on a journey to find the man they are going to be, as well as what being a man means to them. I really enjoyed this book and how it blended mythology with the present. It was so hard to put down and the reader gets to make decisions for the pair."

You Don't Know What War Is: The Diary of a Young Girl From Ukraine

Yeva Skalietska

£9.99 £9.49

Theo (13) says "It was incredible to learn about a child’s experience and it’s given me a new meaning of ‘War’, in that it’s a very real thing. I would recommend everyone over 13 reads this and that we can appreciate the struggles people suffer."

This Book Kills

Ravena Guron

£8.99 £8.54

Sophie (15) "This was the perfect murder mystery, lots of plot twists and very likeable characters with a sprinkle of romance. I would recommend this to anybody looking for a mystery or even just a fun pick-me-up book!"

The Bones of Me

Kel Duckhouse

£8.99 £8.54

Maya (16) says "This book is about a girl called Molly who dreams of being a boxer. When her brother goes missing she is determined to find him. I really enjoyed this book and I loved the way it was written with a mix of poetry verses and paragraphs. I recommend this book if you like mysteries."

Five Survive

Holly Jackson

£14.99 £14.24

Thibault (14) says "This is an amazing book with masterful suspense and a thrilling storyline. It is about a group of teenagers who go on a road trip in an RV but along the way, as they head to the campsite they are trapped by a hidden enemy that knows their every move, intent on finding a secret. Will they be able to escape or will they be forced to give up the secret to the unknown…?"

We Are All Constellations

Amy Beashel

£8.99 £8.54

Ellie (12) says "‘We Are All Constellations’ is an excellent and gripping story about the struggles of mental health in addition to the importance of friendship. I loved this book for its connecting themes and interesting plot twists. I would recommend this book to someone aged 11-14."

Alex Neptune, Dragon Thief: Book 1

David Owen

£7.99 £7.59

Bertie (10) says "I enjoyed this book because it’s based on pollution and how it effects the ocean. I also liked how the author used a variety of diction, powerful similes and metaphors, and a good sense of what really catches a reader’s attention. Anyone who enjoys a thrilling and exciting adventure… well meet Alex Neptune!"

The Ape Star

Frida Nilsson

£7.99 £7.59

Edward (6) says "I thought this book was really good. It was a brilliant book and I especially liked the part where Jonna and gorilla went camping. I would recommend this for 5 to 9 year olds."

The Mystery of the Missing Mum

Frances Moloney

£7.99 £7.59

Sophie (8) says "I thought this book was full of adventures and problems. I like that the book was a mystery and how it got resolved. It features a boy called Jake and his sister called Rose trying to be detectives to find out where their mum is."

Ember Shadows and the Fates of Mount Never: Book 1

Rebecca King

£7.99 £7.59

Sebastian (9) says "I liked this book. You don’t know what is going to come next. For example, when climbing the mountain, Ember goes through different places and each one is totally different. My favourite part is when Moira gives Ember a decision – a decision between death and slavery."

The Whisperling

Hayley Hoskins

£7.99 £7.59

Immi (10) says “This book was gripping. Peggy and Sally’s adventure was thrilling. I recommend this to anyone 10+ who enjoys adventure books. To really get into the book I recommend reading it in large chunks!”

How To Be More Hedgehog

Anne-Marie Conway

£7.99 £7.59

Felicity (9) says “‘How To Be More Hedgehog’ is a book about a girl called Lily. Lily struggles to speak clearly and when a video of her practicing a project gets out her confidence drops. This story is about how she learns to cope with her stammer. I recommend this book for 7-11 year olds. I loved this book because it is about believing in yourself and standing up to people. I couldn’t put it down!”

The Shadow Order

Rebecca F. John

£7.99 £7.59

Peggy (11) says “It is a great book and it is hard to put down from the start! A thrilling book which is full of adventure so I definitely recommend you read it.”

The Little Match Girl Strikes Back

Emma Carroll and Lauren Child

£12.99 £12.34

Sophie (8) says "Calling all readers who like fighting for their own rights! This book is about a girl from a poor family who sells matches for a living. But one day she is given three wishes, and from that day life for her and her family improves. I really recommend it!!!" Ella (8) says "I think this book would be good for someone who is interested in history, especially the Victorian times. It was nice to see how much a little girl can speak up. With a little bit of magic and determination, this story was enchanting. I would REALLY recommend it."

The Light Thieves

Helena Duggan

£7.99 £7.59

Amelie (11) says "I loved this book because it is thrilling and exciting. My favourite part was such a surprising scene! I would definitely recommend this book."

Into Goblyn Wood

Anna Kemp

£7.99 £7.59

Evie (11) says "This story is about magic, mischief, and fun! It starts off an old boring orphanage but ends somewhere magical!!! She (Hazel) wants to find someone who is in a dangerous situation. Will Hazel find them? I recommend this book for readers who love thrilling and twisted fairy tales!!!"

The Story of Greenriver

Holly Webb


Sylvie (10) says "I gave this a 5 star rating because I really enjoyed it. It was a brilliant book all about 2 otters and one of them thought that she was a beaver! Can she find her true life stotry to guide herself home? Let’s hope so! Find out for yourself – get a book from this bookshop!"

Leila and the Blue Fox

Kiran Millwood Hargrave and Tom de Freston

£12.99 £12.34

Dylan (10) says "This book followed two journeys, one of a fox trekking through the Arctic and the other of a girl’s. Leila’s journey to her mothers heart. Mainly, set on a boat in the Arctic Circle, this book is perfect for ages 8-11 who like heartwarming adventure stories."

Honesty and Lies

Eloise Williams

£7.99 £7.59

Emily (11) says "Dive into winter of 1601, where two opposite and unlikely friends try to survive in a world of servants. Will Honesty and Alice stay friends forever? I really enjoyed this book and recommend to anyone age 8 and up."

My Dad Is Definitely Not a Crime Lord

Ben Davis

£7.99 £7.59

Elodie (11) says "It’s a good book but slightly mysterious and exciting. He (Finn) is under witness protection and moves somewhere horrible. Soon his dad starts acting weird and he thinks something is wrong. I would recommend this book for ages 7-10 year olds."


SF Said and Dave McKean

£12.99 £12.34

Jasper (11) says "This is an amazing read and I really recommend it! It’s set in an alternate world so it’s really good for those who like fantasy, It’s bursting with mythical beasts and surprising twists." Immy (11) says "This book was shocking and full of life. The story shows the past struggles with slavery as well as telling the tale."

No Place for Monsters

Kory Merritt

£7.99 £7.59

Kruz (11) says "A very exciting and scary book with lots of twists. I recommend this book for people who like horror stories."

Running Out of Time

Simon Fox

£7.99 £7.59

Henry (10) says "A thrilling, action-packed novel. ‘Running Out of Time’ kept me on my toes the whole time, from discovering how Alex and his father escaped the law countless times, and also how hard it must be for refugees. It also talks about how corrupt some places are. I loved reading this book and hope you will too."

The Girl, the Ghost and the Lost Name

Reece Carter and Eleonora Asparuhova

£7.99 £7.59

Melissa (12) says "I loved this book because it was so full of adventure and secrets that were revealed along the way and lots of questions that were answered. There were many twists and turns on the journey and I couldn’t wait for the next chapter. I thoroughly recommend it to everyone who is a fan of exciting adventure stories, magic, and animals."

The Octopus, Dadu and Me

Lucy Ann Unwin and Lucy Mulligan

£7.99 £7.59

Anabelle (11) says "This book is a fiction book but with octopus facts you wouldn’t believe! When Sushi finds out that her grandpa has got dementia everything is changed, she goes to an aquarium to get over it but sadly things get worse…"

Onyeka and the Academy of the Sun: A superhero adventure perfect for Marvel and DC fans!

Tola Okogwu

£7.99 £7.59

Harry (10) says "Onyeka is a Nigerian girl whose hair gives her powers, and to begin with her power is uncontrollable. This is one exciting and emotional journey where she goes to a school for superheroes, learns about her history and wins some big battles. I liked this and it reminded me of Harry Potter and Black Panther combined."

Rigatoni the Pasta Cat

Michael Rosen and Tony Ross

£5.99 £5.69

Emily (5) says "I enjoy reading about this funny and strange cat. My favourite part was when Rigatoni was copying a squirrel. I would recommend this book if you like cats and pasta."

The Magic Faraway Tree: A New Adventure

Jacqueline Wilson and Mark Beech

£12.99 £12.34

Marine (8) says "I loved the story. It was so beautiful. Bursting with adventure, I especially loved Silky Fairy and imagining Birdy’s face when she saw her. The thing I liked the most was reading the part where Birdy shouted “SILKY!” My favourite character is animal loving Mia. I would like to recommend it for 7 year olds to 30 year olds!"

Call Me Lion

Camilla Chester

£7.99 £7.59

Annabelle (10) says "Leo has selective mutism so he finds it hard to speak and perform in front of people, when he meets Richa, she is new best friend, they do everything together, Richa has a big secret though…"

The Shop of Impossible Ice Creams: Book 1

Shane Hegarty and Jeff Crowther

£7.99 £7.59

Toby (6) says "I liked the fact about the spaghetti ice cream! I liked it when Limpet found out that Mr. Fluffy’s ice cream wasn’t ice cream! I liked the part of the story when the man gave them the ice cream shop."

The Grumpus: And His Dastardly, Dreadful Christmas Plan

Alex T. Smith

£14.99 £14.24

Edward (7) says "I am speechless, This book is BRILLIANT! A heartwarming story practically telling you: you can't kill hope!"

Spooked: The Theatre Ghosts: A spooktacular book, perfect for Halloween reading!


£6.99 £6.64

James (8) says "I found this book hilarious! I really liked how Ella (the main character) stood up to the counsellor Ratsinger (the bad guy) and although the theatre was demolished at least Ella and her friends still knew the ghosts had a home."

This Woven Kingdom

Tahereh Mafi

£8.99 £8.54

Niara (16) says "I really enjoyed this book, it had a great storyline and intriguing characters. It also has a surprising ending that I didn’t expect. I would recommend this for people 14 or over. This is one of my favourite new books!"

The Extraordinary Adventures of Alice Tonks: Longlisted for the Adrien Prize, 2022

Emily Kenny

£7.99 £7.59

Megan (12) says "If you love adventure, mystery, and fantasy, then you will love this. Alice has autism and although she struggles to fit in, she doesn’t let it get in her way. So will discovering she is a ‘switcher’ offset her balance?"

Monster Hunting For Beginners (Monster Hunting, Book 1)

Ian Mark and Louis Ghibault

£7.99 £7.59

Tom (7) says "This is about Jack who has an ordinary life until one day his dad disappears and he meets Stoop (a monster hunter teacher). Jack learns to be a monster hunter and goes on a quest to vanquish evil ogres where he meets Nancy. I loved this book, it has great pictures, it’s funny and enjoyable and has lots of monsters! I recommend this book."

The Midnighters

Hana Tooke

£12.99 £12.34

Freya (11) says "This magical and mystifying adventure is impossible to put down! Ema Vaskova finds it hard to fit in until, while staying with her uncle, she makes a wonderful new friend. However, when her friend goes missing Ema struggles to uncover the truth and find her… I would recommend this book for 10-11 year old mystery lovers!"

Friends Don't Tell

Grace Francis and Nadia Mendoza

£7.99 £7.59

Phoebe (15) says "‘Friends Don’t Tell’ is a brilliant book that explores dealing with grief as a teenager. I would recommend to any older readers as it has a powerful message and a brilliant plot."

When I See Blue

Lily Bailey

£7.99 £7.59

Kruz (11) says "This is an amazing book to help kids with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). This is a great story with a funny ending as well. This book is absolutely spectacular!"

The Myriad Mysteries of Eartha Quicksmith

Loris Owen

£7.99 £7.59

Oscar (12) says "‘The Myriad of Mysteries of Eartha Quicksmith’ is a science fiction novel based on travelling through time and space to decode riddles and to conquer former enemies. Anxious to remove the hidden and forbidden secrets of the Arts of Ideas. This book is ideal for children aged 9-14 years."

21% Monster

P.J. Canning

£7.99 £7.59

Samuel (10) says "It was a really exciting book, I found the concept of having dangerous creature abilities really cool. One of my favourite parts was the 19% alien character, especially his inventions. Overall, a really good book!"



£7.99 £7.59

Ana (9) says "This book really hooks the reader in and enchants anyone who ventures into Yowling with Max! A wonderful book with twists around every corner!"

Once Upon a Fever

Angharad Walker

£7.99 £7.59

Ellie (12) says "An amazing and gripping story about two sisters set on finding a cure for their mother, who is stricken with grief and fever. Has intriguing plot twists and tons of mysteries to be solved. I’d recommend this for people around 12 or so."

The Stranded

Sarah Daniels

£7.99 £7.59

Niara (16) says "I really enjoyed this bok – it was a new and engaging idea with an interesting plot and engaging characters, this is great for dystopia fans and if you like books similar to the ‘Maze Runner’ series."

Nura and the Immortal Palace

M. T. Khan

£7.99 £7.59

Melissa (11) says "This is a very good book that fights for the right to education and teaches about illegal mining. It is also a fun and adventurous book, when Nura discovers how much greed and misery makes up the Sijj palace. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who asked – including YOU!"

Cuckoo Summer

Jonathan Tulloch

£7.99 £7.59

Oscar (12) says "‘Cuckoo Summer’ is an addictive War time novel about a German navigator who survived a plane crash and is hiding out from the authorities. A young evacuee called Sally finds the German and scrambles to tell Tommy, a friend who lives on a local farm. They find the German wounded and Sally persuades Tommy not to tell the authorities… This is a classic breath-taking novel which is ideal for anyone over the age of 9."


Darren Simpson

£7.99 £7.59

Madeleine (11) says "This book has twists and turns but highlights that help from others can be very important. It has a sprinkle of everything, from fantasy, to friendship, and bullies, to evil creatures. I’ve not read anything like it."

Sade and Her Shadow Beasts


£7.99 £7.59

Connor (11) says "‘Sadé and her Shadow Beasts’ is about a girl called Sadé who’s grieving for her mums death and has an imaginary world which is starting to collapse. Joining a counselling group to help her grief does help but with her talent show auditions coming up will she be able to banish her shadow beasts that have escaped?"

The Misunderstandings of Charity Brown

Elizabeth Laird

£12.99 £12.34

Lupita (11) says "I would not recommend this book to the faint-hearted. However, though challenging, it will not disappoint! [...] Charity’s path to inner peace is a relatable story which will be particularly enjoyed by 9-12 year olds."

Mia and the Lightcasters

Janelle McCurdy and Ana Latese

£7.99 £7.59

Felix (11) says "5 stars! Wouldn’t change a thing. I loved the idea of the umbra shadow creatures. And they can turn into armour too! I enjoyed every bit and couldn’t stop reading. The last bit left me hanging and I can’t wait for book 2!"

Finding Jupiter

Kelis Rowe

£7.99 £7.59

Sophie (14) says "I really enjoyed this book as it is so, so gripping and memorable. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a Summer romance book between the ages of 12 and 16."

The Butterfly Assassin


£8.99 £8.54

Theo (13) says "This is an action-packed, incredibly tense book. I would recommend for ages 12-16. The plot was gripping, and it was consistently amazing throughout. The characters were the best part, their personalities brought the story to life."

While the Storm Rages

Phil Earle

£7.99 £7.59

Thibault (13) says "A passionate story about Noah and his dog Winn who run away from home after the government calls for all animals to be put down. A great story for younger readers and animal lovers."

The Underpants of Chaos

Jenny Pearson, Sam Copeland, et al.

£7.99 £7.59

Miriam (8) says "I’m not sure why it’s called ‘Underpants of Chaos’ because the underpants are not causing the chaos. But I did really enjoy reading this book very much."

Ellie Pillai is Brown

Christine Pillainayagam

£8.99 £8.54

Yumi (13) says "This story is about teenage love, lies, drama, music and standing out. I recommend this book for teenagers that are into romance and music."

Zo and the Forest of Secrets

Alake Pilgrim

£7.99 £7.59

Dylan (10) says "This is a Sci-Fi adventure book. It is set in the Caribbean and Zo has to find her way out of the ‘Forest of Secrets’. Along the way, she encounters some terrible and dangerous creatures. There are lots of dramatic twists, around every page. It was a very exciting and climactic book."

Looking for Emily

Fiona Longmuir

£7.99 £7.59

Emily (11) says "‘Looking for Emily’ is an amazing book about when a girl moves to a boring town looking for a way back to her house she finds a museum about a girl called Emily. With some new friends, they try to locate Emily and whoever owns the museum – but who is Emily?"


Peter Bunzl and Maxine (Illustrator) Lee-Mackie

£7.99 £7.59

Amelie (10) says "This book is about a girl called Tempest and a boy called Peter. They are both Magic Born and have powers of their own. They have to escape from the Royal Sorcerer, cruel royalty and a deadly Faerie curse. If you like adventure and magic – this is the book for you."

The Secret Wild

Alex Evelyn

£7.99 £7.59

Chan Kyu (9) says "I really like this book because it was full of adventures and every chapter was a cliffhanger. It’s full of carnivorous plants, poison squirtting plants, and more! I recommend this book to people who are between 6 and 10. Alex Evelyn is now one of my top ten favourite authors."

Beasts of Prey

Ayana Gray

£7.99 £7.59

Maya (15) says "This book is about Koffi, a Beastkeeper at the infamous Night Zoo, and Ekon, destined to be an elite warrior. After the Night Zoo goes up in flames they must work together to restore their reputations and capture the legendary monster – the Shetani. I really enjoyed this book as there were plot twists, magic and adventures. I would recommend this book to fantasy lovers, 11+."

Three Girls

Katie Clapham

£7.99 £7.59

Phoebe (14) says "‘Three Girls’ is your classic high school drama about 3 teenagers – Minnie, Lena, and Alice who as the book continues, gradually become friends. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes teen rom-coms and dramas."

The Offline Diaries

Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinene

£12.99 £12.34

Evie (10) says "I love this book because it is funny and shows how to deal with friends, bullies, and changes! This book is hilarious and written in a relatable way to some tween issues."

Kiki Kallira Conquers a Curse: Book 2

Sangu Mandanna

£7.99 £7.59

Henry (10) says "The story shows Kiki ready to face anything and sacrifice herself for her friends. It has witty humour and lots of plot twists. I genuinely loved every aspect of this book." Bertie (10) says "I enjoyed this book so much because it is amazing to think that a girl’s imagination can be able to turn into a universe all because of a sketchbook!"


Ele Fountain

£8.99 £8.54

Melissa (11) says "I thought that this book was very good and it had interesting characters and an exciting adventure. [...]It is about a world where there was a disease so everyone stays at home until they are 14 and then they go to school."

The Wondrous Prune

Ellie Clements

£6.99 £6.64

Sylvie (10) says "I thought that this book was amazing. It was an adventure itself and every time I turned the page I was transported to a different world entirely! All I’m saying is that I wish I had superpowers!"

The Girl With No Soul

Morgan Owen

£7.99 £7.59

Maya (15) says "‘The Girl With No Soul’ is set in a world where a persons soul purity means everything. Iris has no soul, a hollow, until she steals a ring and is reunited with a part of her soul. This book was captivating and filled with mystery."

The Unmorrow Curse

Jasmine Richards

£7.99 £7.59

Emily (10) says "‘The Unmorrow Curse’ is an amazing book about two friends fighting to save the world. I recommend this book for anyone who seeks a magical adventure filled with plot twists."

The Light in Everything: Shortlisted for the Yoto Carnegie Medal 2023

Katya Balen and Sydney Smith

£12.99 £12.34

Ellie (12) says "An amazing story about a boy who finds his voice and a storm cloud of a girl – whirling and destroying everything in her path. But they both have one thing in common; they are both missing a parent. Will they be torn apart or brought together by this?"

Rebel Skies

Ann Sei Lin

£7.99 £7.59

Maisie (15) says "A page-turning fantasy which follows a servant, Kurara, who was born with an ancient, forbidden magic where, with a few folds, she can turn paper origami to life." Mireya (15) says "This was a really exciting adventure book that captures the imagination. It is fast moving and one of those books you don’t want to put down."

Wilder than Midnight

Cerrie Burnell

£7.99 £7.59

Zoe (11) says "This book is a valuable read for anyone aged between 9 and 12 who loves anything from quests to romances, it was always leaving you wanting more every time you put the book down!"

Hedgewitch: An enchanting fantasy adventure brimming with mystery and magic (Book 1)

Skye McKenna

£12.99 £12.34

Freya (11) says "I loved this magical tale! It’s a fantasy adventure full of friendship and surprises. I loved the characters because they seemed so real and I saw myself in them." Lupita (10) says "‘Hedgewitch’ is witty, thought-provoking, and will definitely not satisfy cravings for handsome heroes and grand balls!" Farah (11) says "I would recommend this book for readers age 9-12 who are looking for an easy yet gripping read. Fans of Michelle Harrison will love this book."

The Great Fox Illusion

Justyn Edwards

£7.99 £7.59

Yumi (12) says "I really enjoyed it because it included what I love the most: magic, adventure, and great peril." Katie (12) says "I loved this book, as even if you know what is happening at the start, everything that you know seems fake or it is the other way around. Even someone who you class as unimportant could be a key part of the puzzle."

Has Anyone Seen Archie Ebbs?

Simon Packham

£7.99 £7.59

Harry (9) says "I liked Archie Ebbs because it made me have a tingling sensation of happiness and sadness and joy. It makes me want there to be a second book. Archie’s perfect life is about all the wrong way."

The Case of the Smuggler's Curse

Mark Dawson and Ben Mantle

£6.99 £6.64

Lara (8) says "It was extremely enjoyable and the descriptions really painted a picture in my mind. [...] I thought it was pleasant the way the main characters had their own personality profiles."

The Last Firefox

Lee Newbery and Laura Catalan

£7.99 £7.59

Rosie (10) says "‘The Last Firefox’ is a book about a boy who finds the last firefox in the world. This book includes his time looking after the cub whilst running away from a vicious dog-like monster who wants to kill Cadno the firefox cub."

The Silver Arrow

Lev Grossman

£7.99 £7.59

Polly (8) says "Adventurous and absorbing – it makes you feel as if you are actually in the book. Makes you feel magical, so if you want to know why then just read the book!"

Major and Mynah

Karen Owen

£6.99 £6.64

Miles (7) says "I love it! It has amazing twists, vocabulary and fun! I love the bird – he’s so funny!"

Nisha's War

Dan Smith

£7.99 £7.59

Megan (12) says "Nisha is a refugee from Malaya, she has escaped the terror of the Japanese invasion and fled to England with her ‘Amma’. But on the mysterious Barrow Island she is lonely and will do anything for a friend. Can she get over her experience? A heart wrenching book about an important point in time that people don’t know much about."

Cameron Battle and the Hidden Kingdoms

Jamar J. Perry

£6.99 £6.64

Samuel (10) says "I really enjoyed this book with its constant danger and constant action, I liked how it referenced lots of modern things I enjoy like video games and Pokémon cards. It definitely leaves you hanging for the next adventure coming up straight away."

The Trial: The explosive new YA from the founder of Everyday Sexism


£7.99 £7.59

Maya (15) says "After a plane crash, a group of high school kids are stranded on an island. When no one comes to help they use their survival skills. Unfortunately, things start to go wrong as someone is out for revenge. I recommend this book for anyone 13+ and if you are interested in gender politics."

Swift and Hawk: Cyberspies

Logan Macx

£7.99 £7.59

Charles (12) says "When Caleb and Zen’s families disappear they are recruited into the Secret Moebius Programme that asks them to crack a code that can’t be broken. This is an awesome blend of Sci-Fi and Espionage that is very mysterious. I would recommend this to 8+ readers because it is a bit scary sometimes." Theo (13) says "This book is an action-packed novel that will have you desperate for more. It follows two spies and their adventures. My favourite part is their growing friendship and comedic approaches to dangerous scenarios. I would recommend for ages 9-13."

How We Fall Apart

Katie Zhao

£7.99 £7.59

Sophie (14) says "I loved this book because it was super fast paced. When Jamie Ruan is found dead, blame seems to fall on her former best friends. They need to find the true killer before their darkest secrets are revealed. There was never a dull moment whilst reaidng this and I enjoyed trying to find the killer alongside Nancy and her friends. The plot twist was completely unexpected and exciting. I couldn’t put it down!"

Loki: A Bad God's Guide to Being Good

Louie Stowell

£7.99 £7.59

Samuel (12) says "This book is hilarious, it’s about the God of mischief Loki, and his brother Thor, who are sent to earth as a punishment. Loki records his deeds and activities in a magical diary which corrects him whenever he lies. I would recommend this book for 10-12 year olds." Elodie (10) says "I loved it! It was funny how bad he was even though he tried so hard to be good. I also liked the twist at the end. I wonder how Louie Stowell got the inspiration for this story. I also liked how the book interrupts him and how he deals with it. I would pass the challenge – how would you do?"

Libby and the Parisian Puzzle

Jo Clarke

£7.99 £7.59

Evie (10) says "I loved this book because it’s all about mystery. Libby has always dreamed about becoming a detective, but is she ready for the real deal? So much has changed, but friends are there to help her. Will she do it? ★ Exciting ★ Mischevious ★ Fun! ★"



£8.99 £8.54

Daisy (16) says "19 year-old Serilda is known for telling lies and making up stories, but when she lies to the wrong person, she ends up in inescapable trouble. This is a Young Adult fantasy retelling of Rumpelstiltskin filled with chilling ghosts and phantoms, and unexpected love."

Luma and the Pet Dragon: Heart-warming stories of magic, mischief and dragons


£6.99 £6.64

Felicity (8) says "Anyone who likes dogs will love this book! Luma finds a dragon called Timir that turns into a dog when other people are around. Problems start when Timir doesn’t behave like a dog. I like the fact that Timir loves squirrels and is a bit cheeky! I also love the illustrations."


Kieran Larwood and Sam Usher

£7.99 £7.59

Erin (13) says "I loved this book as it was a book about loving yourself and was full of mechanical monsters, mudlarks, and mangy monkeys. Sheba and her circus friends travel around London saving mudlarks from a monster in the Thames. You will love it."

The Accidental Diary of B.U.G.: Sister Act

Jen Carney

£6.99 £6.64

Anamaria (8) says "Billie Upton Green is getting a new baby sister, has discovered a long-lost relative and she will soon be starring in a fantastic school play. This is a thrilling and exciting diary of how Billie Upton Green juggled it all."

Greta and the Ghost Hunters

Sam Copeland and Sarah Horne

£7.99 £7.59

Celie (8) says "This book is an incredible tale full of fun, laughter, and friendship. [...] This story includes grumpy Grandpas, delirious Grandmas, and a farting narrator!" Leo (8) says "It is a very exciting book with rude and funny humour [...] I recommend this book for 9-12 year olds. "

The Blue Book of Nebo

Manon Steffan Ros

£8.99 £8.54

Farah (11) says "‘The Blue Book of Nebo’ is a thought-inducing book about a mother and son surviving in a near future where electricity has been cut off. Surviving in the wild of North West Wales, this story about Rowena, Dylan, and Mona makes you question how you are living your life. I would recommend this book for 10-13 year olds."

Einstein the Penguin

Iona Rangeley and David Tazzyman


Marine (8) says "My favourite part was when Einstein attacked the nasty detective. It made me laugh so much! My least favourite part was when Einstein had to go back to Sydney zoo in Australia."

The Christmas Pine HB

Julia Donaldson and Victoria Sandoy


Phoebe (3) says "I really liked the end of the book with all of the children growing and shining. I also liked the Kings riding on camels."


Melvin Burgess and Chris Mould

£6.99 £6.64

Katie (8) says "Last night Waris counted up to one thousand but Brandon reckons he can count to ten million! This book is great!"

Dragon Skin

Karen Foxlee

£8.99 £8.54

Moyo (11) says "A wonderful book filled with emotion, love, and dragons. I did not expect it to be this amazing. Wow, Karen Foxlee."

What's New, Harper Drew?: Book 1

Kathy Weeks and Aleksei Bitskoff

£6.99 £6.64

Annabelle (10) says "I rate this book 4.7 stars since it makes you want to laugh out loud and there are many different disasters such as they are saving for a new carpet and a girls hair gets on fire, find out how they are resolved…!"


Michael Mann

£12.99 £12.34

Mireya (14) says "I found this book very fun to read. It had an exciting concept and I enjoyed the development of the story. It was a great read."

Nell and the Cave Bear

Martin Brown

£6.99 £6.64

Leo (8) says "It was an exciting and adventurous story with stories within it, Nell and the cave bear are great friends who like to be together."

The Duck Who Didn't Like Water

Steve Small

£7.99 £7.59

Phoebe (3) says "My favourite characters are not just duck, but duck and frog. I also like pelican. I find it funny when dog says ‘Ribbit’. Duck went through a storm, which was very dark, but at the end he found frog. I would like a friend like duck."

Clementine Florentine

Tasha Harrison and Mya Mitchell

£7.99 £7.59

Sophie (8) says "This book was very good! I thought the characters were interesting and quirky. This was a story about a family, friendship, and learning to accept change. If you like Jacqueline Wilson’s books, you’ll probably like this book."

Following Frankenstein

Catherine Bruton

£7.99 £7.59

Sebastian (9) says "‘Following Frankenstein’ was a great book. At first I was bored, but then it changed! They went off to find a monster and returned with an overgrown boy."

The Night Train

Matilda Woods and Penny Neville-Lee

£7.99 £7.59

Charlotte (6) says "I really like the beautiful pictures as they help me to imagine the story. [...] This book is about teamwork and the happy ending made me smile."

Aziza's Secret Fairy Door and the Ice Cat Mystery

Lola Morayo and Cory Reid

£6.99 £6.64

Miriam (7) "I like ‘Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door’ because I like adventure stories and it was a fun adventure. It was fun because it was a magical story."

Kate on the Case (Kate on the Case 1)

Hannah Peck

£7.99 £7.59

Sophie (7) says "This book features Kate and her friend Rupert the mouse on a train journey to the Artic. All is well until things start to disappear and the story ends in a giant twist!" Celie (8) says "The story is a mix of cats, mice, eggs, and mean ladies – which is surprisingly a good mix!!"

Grimwood: Laugh your head off with the funniest new series of the year

Nadia Shireen

£12.99 £12.34

Thomas (11) says "I think this is a great book, perfected with humour and adventure. I would recommend it to younger readers in year 3 or 4."

Horror Heights: The Slime: Book 1

Bec Hill

£7.99 £7.59

Immy (9) says "‘Horror Heights’ is a funny, action packed book about a girl called Connie who loves slime! When she tries to make some it goes horribly wrong and takes over her town! I recommend this book for ages 8+ and certainly for people who love adventure and comedy. I definitely wanted to turn the page."

Pax, Journey Home

Sara Pennypacker and Jon Klassen


Scarlett (10) says "I recommend this book to 10 and above and if you’re okay with reading about emotional or sad situations."

The Lion Above the Door

Onjali Q. Rauf

£7.99 £7.59

Mia (11) says "This book is a beautifully told story of racism and shows how important it is to help people."

Pony: from the bestselling author of Wonder

R. J. Palacio

£12.99 £12.34

Sam (10) says "It was great. I like how there is a character that is coated in mystery, even at the very end of the book."

The Week at World's End: 'The Queen of Historical Fiction at her finest.' Guardian

Emma Carroll

£12.99 £12.34

Yumi (12) says "I recommend this book for kids aged 10+ and people who like exciting stories involving war, poison, and mystery… It is also great if you are interested in learning about the Cold War."

The Chime Seekers

Ross Montgomery

£7.99 £7.59

Sylvie (10) says "It was a fun thriller of a book and I enjoyed seeing how other people imagine faeries! I think that people between 7-11 would enjoy this book."

Skin of the Sea

Natasha Bowen

£8.99 £8.54

Daisy (16) says "Simidele is a mermaid with one role: to collect the souls of those who die at sea. However, when she saves the life of a boy thrown overboard, Simi is risking the lives of all the Mami Wata."

The False Rose

Jakob Wegelius

£16.99 £16.14

Oscar (11) says "‘The False Rose’ is a book about a man and a ape who lived on a boat. They find a priceless piece of jewellery on board. They then make it their mission to find the owner. There is mystery in every page!"

The Book of Stolen Dreams

David Farr and Kristina Kister


Harry (9) says "This book was brilliant, it is perfect for children who love secrets, a bit of action, magic and thrills! It has some sad bits, some cool bits, and some bits to get your heart pumping."

The House in the Woods

Yvette Fielding

£7.99 £7.59

Rosie (10) says "This book was a fantastic read and I was pulled in from the very first sentence. I really loved how the ghost was giving Eve, Tom and Clovis messages."

Fireborn: Twelve and the Frozen Forest

Aisling Fowler and Sophie Medvedeva


Farah (11) says "Twelve is full of anger – but on a perilous quest to find a stolen girl, can she learn to forgive? ‘Fireborn’ is an exciting new book for 10-14 year olds who enjoy books full of magic, danger, and sudden twists."

How to Be Brave

Daisy May Johnson

£8.99 £8.54

Alice (10) says "This book is a real page turner! It follows the fortunes of Calla, who is sent to boarding school but there are many more dramatic adventures and twists than in Malory Towers. Will good or evil triumph? I especially loved the footnotes which were often useful and humorous! I’d recommend this book for 9 years and upwards"

I Lost My Granny in the Supermarket

Jo Simmons and Nathan Reed

£6.99 £6.64

Anabelle (9) says "Harry thinks it will be easy looking after his gran, but when she gets a toffee everything goes wrong. LOL! Harry and Granny end up stealing a chipmunk costume, a wallaby, and a lot of loo roll!"

Little Horror

Daniel Peak

£6.99 £6.64

Samuel (10) says "This funny, action-packed adventure will have you on the edge of your seat the whole way through."

The Primrose Railway Children

Jacqueline Wilson


Katie (8) says "‘The Primrose Railway Children’ is about Becks, Perry and Phoebe who move to a cottage in the countryside near a Primrose Railway station where they meet Mr. Thomas Brown. This book was wonderful. I could not put it down."

When Shadows Fall

Sita Brahmachari and Natalie Sirett

£12.99 £12.34

Konnie (15) says "I really enjoyed the book, and enjoyed following Kai and his friends through their seemingly carefree childhood until disaster struck and everything came crashing down. It was heartwarming to read about Kai’s friends stuck by him, despite his desperate and almost hopeless situation, despite the fact that he pushed them away continuously and the fact that he stopped hanging out with them [...] This is definitely not for the lighthearted reader. However, the story was very engaging, and I found it hard to put the book down!" Niara (15) says "I really liked this story and the unique way it was told. The characters were all really interesting and engaging throughout the book. I liked also the present/past changes and how poetic it was. Recommended for teens 14+."

The Amazing Edie Eckhart: The Amazing Edie Eckhart: Book 1

Rosie Jones and Natalie Smillie

£6.99 £6.64

Sophie (12) says "‘The Amazing Edie Eckhart’ is a funny story about friendship and trying new things. This book really teaches you not to let anything stop you doing what you want to do. I would highly recommend this book to anyone between the ages of 10-13, although I feel anyone who enjoys comedy would love ‘The Amazing Edie Eckhart’."

The Caravan at the Edge of Doom

Jim Beckett and Olia Muza

£6.99 £6.64

Sebastian (8) says "I really enjoyed it. I especially liked the flume of infinite terror and the saving from beneath. The part where Harley finds out that the twelve tasks are very easy was very funny. I thought it was a great story and I am glad I get to keep it forever."

Our Beautiful Game

Lou (Author) Kuenzler

£8.99 £8.54

Annie (11) says "This book takes place in 1917 when men are off fighting and women are expected to stay at home. All Polly Nabb wants to do is play football and show everyone that the beautiful game is not just for boys. When she gets a job in a factory she has the chance to finally join a team. I loved this book because it is about being determined to follow your dreams. I would highly recommend this book to not only football lovers but anyone who likes a thrilling historical story."

A Glasshouse of Stars

Shirley Marr, Kathrin Honesta, et al.

£7.99 £7.59

Mireya (14) says "I thought this book had a very interesting concept and a good perspective. It was a nice, gripping read and I enjoyed it."

The Exploding Life of Scarlett Fife: Book 1

Maz Evans and Chris Jevons

£7.99 £7.59

Anamaria (7) says "It’s a funny, exciting tale. When Scarlett, 8, gets really cross she tries to hold it in and not shout so she stares at something instead and it just explodes! One time she explodes a massive pile of elephant poo and it splatters all over a teacher! But strangely, she doesn’t get into trouble. I’d recommend this book if you like silly stories and aren’t squeamish!"

The Astonishing Future of Alex Nobody

Kate Gilby Smith

£7.99 £7.59

Ella (9) says "Alex Nobody isn’t special or is she? On her birthday a unknown boy in a pea green suit appears at her doorstep. Jasper Song is Alex’s best friend. But when she sees him and a lady disappear into a bright white ring she decides to follow him. This is a great book I would recommend to anyone."

Mystery of the Night Watchers

A.M. Howell

£7.99 £7.59

Lupita (9) says "This book is set in the Edwardian era. This time period is described very well, so I learnt that in 1910, people were getting used to modern luxuries that we take for granted. This book is about Halley’s Comet, which some were afraid of and some were delighted with. It is perfect for readers of 9-11 who are looking for a story filled with buried secrets and dark lies. As well as this, this book boasts a beautifully vindictive villain…"

Something I Said

Ben Bailey Smith

£6.99 £6.64

Kruz (10) says "I enjoyed this book because it made me laugh so much. The author has has added a lot of description with amazing words such as “vindicate”. The blurb perfectly describes what this book is going to be about. This book has really made me laugh at life. Carmichael is full of laughter."

Monster Doughnuts (Monster Doughnuts 1)

Gianna Pollero and Sarah Horne

£7.99 £7.59

Sylvie (8) says "In my opinion that is the best book ever so far! My favourite character is Grace she’s quite similar to me, she’s confident and kind. The book is extremely funny and I recommend it to 8 and older!"

Maria's Island

Victoria Hislop and Gill Smith

£10.99 £10.44

Miriam (7) says "I liked the part when they realised they could make everyone better from the illness because now they could all go back and live with their families"

The Summer We Turned Green

William Sutcliffe

£7.99 £7.59

Melissa (10) says "It was good as it was set around now and it was about climate change that his happening now so it can teach people to make a difference. It was really interesting and I liked the different characters. You could sometimes relate to the main character or feel his emotions. It was very realistic."

Rules for Vampires: The irresistibly spooky Halloween treat!

ALEX FOULKES and Sara Ogilvie

£7.99 £7.59

Erin (12) says "This book is very funny and full of flying kitchenware, sisters with telekinesis, powers, and ghosts that hold a grudge."

When the Sky Falls

Phil Earle

£7.99 £7.59

Theo (12) says "This is a wartime book I would recommend for ages 11-14. It had a truly exciting plot with great characters, and kept my interest throughout the whole book. With a heart-breaking, yet magical, end, I can say that this is one of my new favourite books!"

Children of the Quicksands

Efua Traore

£7.99 £7.59

Leo (8) says "The main character is Simi, she is 13 and she lives in Nigeria, Lagos. She has been sent to stay with her grandmother in Ago for the Summer holiday. There Simi finds quicksand into a different world. The book is adventurous and good for age 10+"

The Secret Detectives

Ella Risbridger

£7.99 £7.59

Yumi (12) says "This book is about a young Indian girl, an orphan who is travelling to England by sea so that she can be looked after. The book takes place on the boat where she and her new ‘friend’ witness a murder. They have to solve it before they reach land and the murderer escapes, but someone else seems determined to find out what they’re up to… I recommend this for fans of a good murder mystery."

The Time-Thief

Patience Agbabi

£7.99 £7.59

Amelie (9) says "I highly recommend this book because it is adventurous and thrilling. My favourite part is when they freed MC2 from prison, as it was a very daring moment. If you enjoy time travelling books then this is the book for you."


Tim Tilley

£7.99 £7.59

Dylan (9) says "‘Harklights’ is a marvellous nature packed book full of adventure. Wick goes on a magnificent journey with the hobs (protectors of the forest). Wick has a brilliant connection with the animals of the forest. There were some similarities to ‘Oliver Twist’. I think 8-12 aged boys and girls would enjoy this book."

By Ash, Oak and Thorn

Melissa Harrison

£7.99 £7.59

William (10) says "I really recommend this book to all ages and think it is amazing! It is quite hard to get into at the beginning but it suddenly becomes gripping. I really love how the author has mixed the world we think of with completely different fantasy creatures and things on earth we might not know or hear about such as fairies. This is such a brilliant book!"

Escape Room

Christopher Edge

£7.99 £7.59

Henry (9) says "This book was brilliant, I loved the plot twist at the end. Younger readers may find this book a bit scary but hopefully they will love the elements of complexity and adventure."

Front Desk

Kelly Yang

£7.99 £7.59

Scarlett (11) says "Front Desk by Kelly Yang is a moving, exciting, page-turner. The main character, Mia, is passionate about making her surroundings feel like home. Her friendships with people finally help her achieve her goal. ‘Front Desk’ is a compelling story I would urge everyone to read. The themes are good for all ages and encourage kindness and equality."

The Unbelievable Biscuit Factory


£7.99 £7.59

Oscar (11) says "This book is filled with mystery from the very first page. It is about a biscuit factory which is “100% not a super secret lab”. When there is a disaster the factory rings the old WW2 siren. In my opinion I think it is in the style of a diary. I recommend this book to kids aged 7-9 who like diary type books."

Hide and Secrets: The blockbuster thriller from million-copy bestselling Sophie McKenzie

Sophie McKenzie

£7.99 £7.59

Farrah (11) says "‘Hide and Secrets’ is an amazing book that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Cat’s family life is upside down with her sister not speaking and her father missing, presumed dead. When Cat gets told her dad is alive, she goes on a dangerous journey to uncover the truth. I would recommend this book to 11-14 year olds who like reading books full of thrills, suspense, lies and love plot twists."

Sequins and Secrets

Lucy Ivison and Catharine (Illustrator) Collingridge

£6.99 £6.64

Anabelle (9) says "This story takes you straight into the 1920’s in London, where you meet Myrtle as she becomes a maid. Her friendship with Lady Sylvia is full of adventure, creation, secrets and laughter."

All the Money in the World

Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

£7.99 £7.59

Moyo (11) says "I loved this book! It was full of twists, turns and everything in between. It’s a heart-warming tale of friendship, a touching tale of acceptance and self worth. Despite the abrupt ending, this is my new favourite book! Thank you Sarah Moore Fitzgerald!"

This Poison Heart: From the author of the TikTok sensation Cinderella is Dead

Kalynn Bayron

£8.99 £8.54

Maisie (14) says "‘This Poison Heart’ is a book filled with magic and nature, as Briseis embarks on a journey of self discovery to find out more about her powers, and her ancestors. When she inherits a large property from her birth family, the quest begins to unravel strange secrets, with the support from her mums and new friends. I would recommend this book for a light a magical read!"

An Emotion of Great Delight

Tahereh Mafi

£7.99 £7.59

Konnie (15) says "I adored every second of this book and could barely put it down (I finished it within a school day, and neglected my homework to do so). I adored it, and wish it could have gone on longer. The author is lyrical in her writing and each setting and emotion described is bright and vivid."

Not My Problem

Ciara Smyth

£8.99 £8.54

Alice (15) says "Emotional, raw, and funny. ‘Not My Problem’ has got to be one of my favourite books I’ve read this year! Clara Smyth’s characters were so real that I found myself wrapped up in all their stories by the end. Full of laugh-out-loud moments also! And who doesn’t love a good LGBTQ+ love story too? Completely brilliant, genius book."

The Boyband Murder Mystery

Ava Eldred

£7.99 £7.59

Phoebe (13) says "‘The Boyband Murder Mystery’ is an exciting mystery told in the narrative of Half Light obsessed Harri. When Evan mysteriously dies and Frankie is arrested, it becomes up to Harri and her friends to solve this murder to save the band. I would recommend this book to any teenage girl as it discusses the dilemma’s of growing up."

The Boy I Am

K. L. Kettle

£8.99 £8.54

Mierya (15) says "I really enjoyed this book. The start was very gripping and the story progressed well with some surprises on the way. I thought this was a very exciting read and I’d love to see what happens next!"

Forever Ends on Friday

Justin Reynolds

£8.99 £8.54

Niara (15) says "This was a really well-written, sad, but hopeful story. It wasn’t what I expected, but the characters are all relatable. I liked the way the chapters counted down – this made the whole story more engaging and emotional. This is a great book for people over 13 – it’s very sad but comforting."

Fly High Crew: The Green Glow

Ashley Banjo and Jordan Banjo

£6.99 £6.64

Immy (10) says "I loved it because it was exciting and fun filled. I liked the modern language and awesome moves. The characters were very interesting but my favourite has to be Jax. He is great because he is confident and sticks to his guns no matter what. I recommend to anyone who likes adventure and comedy."

Rainbow Grey

Laura Ellen Anderson

£7.99 £7.59

Elodie (9) says "This book was great and I loved it, it grew in tension and excitement towards the middle. I think it was really good and recommend it to people my age."

Break the Mould: How to Take Your Place in the World - WINNER OF THE AN POST IRISH BOOK AWARDS

Sinead Burke and Natalie Byrne

£9.99 £9.49

Kitty (5) says "I really like this book and it made me think about making the world a better place. It made me think I could do anything. I really want to horse ride. I loved this book, and I talked a lot with mummy and daddy about myself."

Digger and Me

Ros Roberts

£6.99 £6.64

Henry (9) says "This book was very emotional. It has lots of ups and downs. I enjoyed the poems along the way. I would definitely recommend it to children who enjoy happy stories about animals."

Cinderella Is Dead: the TikTok sensation

Kalynn Bayron

£8.99 £8.54

Daisy (15) says "A feminist retelling of a popular fairytale, about women empowerment, and finding your voice when others try to silence it."

The Outlaws Scarlett and Browne

Jonathan Stroud

£7.99 £7.59

Erin (12) says "This book is an amazing adventure book about friendship. There are lots of plot twists and shocks. I recommend this book to thrill-seekers and people who love books about the Wild West. I loved this book and hope you will too."

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