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By Gay's The Word

By Gay's The Word

A Short History of Queer Women

Kirsty Loehr

£8.99 £8.54

No, they weren’t ‘just friends’! From Anne Bonny and Mary Read who sailed the seas together disguised as pirates, to US football captain Megan Rapinoe declaring ‘You can’t win a championship without gays on your team’, via countless literary salons and tuxedos, A Short History of Queer Women sets the record straight on women who have loved other women through the ages.

They Came to Slay: The Queer Culture of D&D

Thom James Carter

£7.50 £7.12

Journey on, adventurer, as Dungeon Master Thom invites readers into the game's exciting queer, utopian possibilities, traversing its history and contemporary evolution, the queer potential resting within gameplay, the homebrewers making it their own, stories from fellow players, and the power to explore and examine identity and how people want to lead their lives in real and imagined worlds alike. Grab a sword and get your dice at the ready, this queer adventure is about to begin.

Love That Journey For Me: The Queer Revolution of Schitt's Creek

Emily Garside

£7.50 £7.12

Love That Journey For Me dives deep into the cultural sensation of Canadian comedy-drama Schitt's Creek. Considering the fusion of existing sitcom traditions, references and tropes, this Inkling analyses the nuance of the show and its surrounding cultural and societal impact as a queer revolution. Part analysis of Schitt's Creek's importance, part homage to a cultural landmark, this is a show that - in the words of David Rose himself - needs to be celebrated. This book is that celebration.

Sons and Others: On Loving Male Survivors

Tanaka Mhishi

£7.50 £7.12

The Appendix: Transmasculine Joy in a Transphobic Culture

Liam Konemann

£7.50 £7.12

The Appendix begins at the end. Considering the final item on the list, we travel back in time through Liam’s life and his formative experiences on both sides of the globe, and examine the wider hostile climate that trans people face today. In response, focus shifts to celebrate trans joy, the complexities of finding it and, crucially, holding on to it.

Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns

Archie Bongiovanni

£6.99 £6.64

A Quick & Easy Guide to Asexuality

Molly Muldoon

£6.99 £6.64

A Quick & Easy Guide to Sex & Disability

A. Andrews

£8.99 £8.54

When I Dare to Be Powerful

Audre Lorde

£6.99 £6.64

Women so empowered are dangerous'. Written with a 'black woman's anger' and the precision of a poet, these searing pieces by the groundbreaking writer Audre Lorde are a celebration of female strength and solidarity, and a cry to speak out against those who seek to silence anyone they see as 'other'.

For Your Convenience

Paul Pry

£7.99 £7.59

This is a gem! A clandestine guide to cottaging first published in 1937

Love: Vintage Minis

Jeanette Winterson

£3.50 £3.32

How do we love? With romance? With work? Through heartbreak? Love in all its forms has been an abiding theme of Jeanette Winterson's writing. Here are selections from her books on that most enduring of forces: Love.

Liberty: Vintage Minis

Virginia Woolf

£3.99 £3.79

In this visionary essay collection, Virginia Woolf embarks on a transformative journey through the liberating powers of the mind. From an exploration of why women were barred from writing and under what conditions they might break free, to the solace derived from haunting London's streets.

Smut: Two Unseemly Stories

Alan Bennett

£7.99 £7.59

More genius from Alan Bennett here with the short stories The Shielding of Mrs Forbes and The Greening of Mrs Donaldson.

The Uncommon Reader: Alan Bennett's classic story about the Queen

Alan Bennett


'Oh Norman,' said the Queen, 'the prime minister doesn't seem to have read any Hardy. Perhaps you could find him one of our old paperbacks on his way out.' A mobile library ignites in Her Majesty a passion for reading so great that her public duties begin to suffer.

Take Me With You

Andrea Gibson

£16.99 £16.14

Gibson explores themes of love, gender, politics, sexuality, family, forgiveness, and what it means to be different in this strange age. Divided into three sections (love, the world, and becoming) of one-liners, couplets, greatest-hits phrases, and longer-form poems.

Howl and Other Poems

Allen Ginsberg

£5.99 £5.69

The classic City Lights edition of Allen Ginsberg's iconic Howl and Other Poems. Originally published by City Lights Books in 1956, the collection was subsequently seized by U.S. customs and the San Francisco police and was the subject of a long court trail at which a series of poets and professors persuaded the court that the book was not obscene.

Come Close


£3.00 £2.85

'Yes, we did many things, then - all Beautiful...' Lyrical, powerful poems about love, sexuality, sun-soaked Greece and the gods. Fragments from Sappho (c.630-570 BCE).

Remember, Body...

C. P. Cavafy

£3.00 £2.85

All those excessive, useless regrets...' A collection of nostalgic, erotic poetry from one of the greatest Greek poets to have ever lived.

The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House

Audre Lorde

£3.00 £2.85

From the self-described 'black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet', these soaring, urgent essays on the power of women, poetry and anger are filled with darkness and light.

Dark Days

James Baldwin

£2.00 £1.90

So the club rose, the blood came down, and his bitterness and his anguish and his guilt were compounded'. Drawing on Baldwin's own experiences of prejudice in an America violently divided by race, these searing essays - Dark Days, The Price of the Ticket and The White Man's Guilt - blend the intensely personal with the political to envisage a better world.

Notes on Camp

Susan Sontag

£3.00 £2.85

'The ultimate Camp statement: it's good because it's awful.' These two classic essays were the first works of criticism to break down the boundaries between 'high' and 'low' culture, and made Susan Sontag a literary sensation.

New York City in 1979

Kathy Acker

£2.00 £1.90

A tale of art, sex, blood, junkies and whores in New York's underground, from cult literary icon Kathy Acker.


Gertrude Stein

£2.00 £1.90

Sadder than salad. From apples to artichokes, these glittering, fragmented, painterly portraits of food by the avant-garde pioneer Gertrude Stein are redolent of sex, laughter and the joy of everyday life.

Only Dull People Are Brilliant at Breakfast

Oscar Wilde

£3.00 £2.85

'It would be unfair to expect other people to be as remarkable as oneself.' Wilde's celebrated witticisms on the dangers of sincerity, duplicitous biographers, the stupidity of the English - and his own genius.

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