Sport: Football Mavericks, Romantics and Philosophers

By The Book Labyrinth

By The Book Labyrinth

Football writing for every taste but with a distinctly sentimental  streak! Love affairs with football come in many guises - Jack Charlton was a one-club man, Wenger stayed with Arsenal to the bitter end and nearly every man, woman and child in the country has a crush on Klopp. Who are Ya? explores the pain and joy of supporting a football team and What we Think About When We Think About Football has been out for a while but is an amazing discussion of the philosophy and poetics of football and how we seem to enter another dimension of time and space when we watch it. The new biography of Bielsa, explores the method and madness of Leeds' maverick manager. Take your pick and feel the love!

Klopp: My Liverpool Romance

Anthony (Film Critic/Book reviewer) Quinn

£12.99 £12.08

Everyone crushes hard on Klopp and Quinn explains why this is justified. The results, the belief, the teeth, the hugs and just the small matter of a first title in 30 years!

What We Think About When We Think About Football

Simon Critchley

£8.99 £8.36

Discover the great footballing philosophers, Heidegger, Zidane, Sartre, Clough and Klopp!

The Farther Corner: A Sentimental Return to North-East Football

Harry Pearson

£16.98 £15.79

For football fans who want to be entertained, educated and feel the soul of the game needs to be cherished. A funny, poignant and melancholy masterpiece.

Who Are Ya?: 92 Football Clubs - and Why You Shouldn't Support Them

Kevin Day

£14.99 £13.94

Who are Ya? Football trivia perfection, that's who. Look no further for the Stocking Filler for Football Fans of all ages and tribes!

My Life in Red and White: The Sunday Times Number One Bestselling Autobiography

Arsene Wenger

£25.00 £23.25

Arsène explains. Not everything mind, but exactly as you'd expect from Le Professeur. Insightful and a class act.

Extra Time: 50 Further Delights of Modern Football

Daniel Gray

£12.99 £12.08

Wonderfully thoughtful collection of short essays to dip into over the festive period which remind us why we love the beautiful game.

The Quality of Madness: A Life of Marcelo Bielsa

Tim Rich

£20.00 £18.60

Everyone loves Klopp. Everyone respects Wenger. Everyone admires Ferguson. Everyone covets Guardiola. Bielsa however is perplexing and intriguing and you feel if you read this you may well discover arcane secret knowledge of how to manage a football team. El Loco has certainly transformed Leeds and taken them to the Premiership in style!

Jack Charlton: The Autobiography

Jack Charlton

£8.99 £8.36

A timely biography of Ireland's favourite Geordie!