Teen Christmas Booklist 12+

By Barnes Bookshop

By Barnes Bookshop

Cane Warriors

Alex Wheatle

£10.99 £10.22

Moa is 14. The only life he has known is toiling under the whip on a sugar plantation in Jamaica. One night he decides to join an uprising and escape.

A Snowfall of Silver

Laura Wood

£7.99 £7.43

In the Autumn of 1931, 18 year old Freya runs away from her home in Cornwall to follow her dream of becoming an actress and maybe fall in love...


Karen M. McManus

£7.99 £7.43

Four children left stranded by their mother, 18 years later they need to find out why? The brilliant new thriller from author of One of Us is Lying.

The Girl Who Became a Tree: A Story Told in Poems

Joseph Coelho and Kate Milner

£12.99 £12.08

As Daphne tries to make sense of losing her father she recalls memories of shared times and stories past, told through poems and a fantasy legend.

The Silent Stars Go By

Sally Nicholls

£12.99 £12.08

Set just after WW1,this novel is full of forbidden love and family secrets. When Margot’s fiancé returns after being reported missing, can she tell him the truth.


Jennifer Niven

£7.99 £7.43

Claudine is making plans, college, become a famous writer and have fun finding love. Then the bombshell of her parents splitting up throws it all into chaos.

I, Ada: Ada Lovelace: Rebel. Genius. Visionary

Julia Gray

£7.99 £7.43

A passionate glimpse into the young life of Ada Lovelace, the 19th-century mathematician who is hailed as the world's first computer programmer.

Silence is Also a Lie

Tracey Mathias

£7.99 £7.43

Zara is an illegal. She can't tell anyone who she is. And she can't tell anyone what she knows, about how her friend died. How can she tell the truth?

The Magpie Society: One for Sorrow

Zoe Sugg and Amy McCulloch

£12.99 £12.08

Told from two alternating view-points, this is the first book in a modern gothic thriller series.