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The State We're In

Brexitland: Identity, Diversity and the Reshaping of British...

Maria (University of Manchester) Sobolewska and Robert (University of Manchester) Ford


Crises of Democracy

Adam (New York University) Przeworski


Brexit: Why Britain Voted to Leave the European Union

Dallas) Clarke Harold D. (University of Texas, Canterbury) Goodwin Matthew (University of Kent, et al.


A Political Science Manifesto for the Age of Populism:...

David M. (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Ricci


Counter-Democracy: Politics in an Age of Distrust

Paris) Rosanvallon Pierre (College de France and Massachusetts) Goldhammer Arthur (Harvard University


Yes to Europe!: The 1975 Referendum and Seventies Britain

Robert (Queen Mary University of London) Saunders


Cultural Backlash: Trump, Brexit, and Authoritarian Populism

Massachusetts) Norris Pippa (Harvard University and Ann Arbor) Inglehart Ronald (University of Michigan


Darkness Now Visible: Patriarchy's Resurgence and Feminist...

Carol (New York University) Gilligan and David A. J. (New York University) Richards


Disobedience in Western Political Thought: A Genealogy

Raffaele (Universita di Bologna) Laudani


Global Capitalism, Global War, Global Crisis

Andreas (University of Nottingham UK) Bieler and Adam David (University of Nottingham) Morton




Power and Humility: The Future of Monitory Democracy

John (University of Sydney) Keane


Divided Kingdom: A History of Britain, 1900 to the Present

Pat (King's College London) Thane


Democratic Deficit: Critical Citizens Revisited

Massachusetts) Norris Pippa (Harvard University


Tyrants: Power, Injustice, and Terror

Ottawa) Newell Waller R. (Carleton University


Europe's Future: Decoupling and Reforming

Roma) Fabbrini Sergio (Libera Universita Internazionale degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli


Anatomies of Revolution

George (London School of Economics and Political Science) Lawson


Citizens without Nations: Urban Citizenship in Europe and the...

The Netherlands) Prak Maarten (Universiteit Utrecht


Liberty before Liberalism

Quentin (Queen Mary University of London) Skinner


Cultural Evolution: People's Motivations are Changing, and...

Ann Arbor) Inglehart Ronald F. (University of Michigan


Globalization Matters: Engaging the Global in Unsettled Times

Manoa) Steger Manfred B. (University of Hawaii and Paul (Western Sydney University) James


A Concise History of Revolution

Mehran Kamrava


The Good Politician: Folk Theories, Political Interaction,...

Nick (University of Southampton) Clarke, Will (University of Southampton) Jennings, et al.