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From the 'Froggicorn', beautifully illustrated by Katy J Jones to Alan Gibbons' YA stories of the Russian Revolution, with Bother, Trouble and Emergencies along the way, courtesy of S P Moss

Horace Burp: Lizard Boy

Christine Tennent and Rob Overend

£8.99 £8.36

Being different can be a bit challenging – especially when you’re a kind of different no-one else has heard of – life just got lizardy! More info...

The Loveliest of All Was the Froggicorn

Kay Green and Katy Jones


Giants, unicorns, mermaids, dragons... They're very famous, everyone knows what they are, even though (shh!) they may not quite... exactly... er... exist. But no-one has heard of the Froggicorn. Why is that, when the Ancient Teller of Stories thought the Froggicorn was The Loveliest Mythical Beast of them All? Lavishly illustrated, by inimitable fantasy-artist Katy Jones.

The Bother in Burmeon

S. P. Moss

£8.99 £8.36

Beasts, Baddies and Bombs! In a real-life race against time: 'play again' simply isn't an option. Rollocking retro-fiction More info...

Horace Burp: Lizard Boy Hero

Christine Tennent


The story of Horace Burp's second adventure More info...

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