History of art & design styles: c 1400 to c 1600

The Dance of Death

Hans Holbein and Hans Lutzelburger


Ribera: Art of Violence

Xavier Bray and Edward Payne


Architecture of Mughal India

Catherine B. (University of Minnesota) Asher


Bruegel: Defining a Dynasty

Amy Orrock


A Study of Vermeer, Revised and Enlarged edition

Edward Snow


The Legend of Veronica in Early Modern Art

Katherine T. (Walsh University) Brown


Death, Art, and Memory in Medieval England: The Cobham Family...

London) Saul Royal Holloway and Bedford New College Professor of Medieval History Nigel (Professor of Medieval History



Maurice Brock


Nicolas Poussin: Dialectics of Painting Pb

Oskar Batschmann



Christopher Brown and Keith Roberts



James Malpas and Helen Langdon


British Artists 1880-1940


Pieter Bruegel and the Art of Laughter

Walter S. Gibson


Pietre Dure Hardstone Furniture

Anna Giusti


Sebastien Mamerot. A Chronicle of the Crusades

Thierry Delcourt, Fabrice Masanes, et al.