Art treatments & subjects

Around the World in 80 Days

Jules Verne


Mystik Und Symbolik Spezieller Gestaltungsformen Des Wayang:...

Klaus Schorner and Klaus Schoerner


Art as a Political Witness

Frank Moeller and Kia Lindroos


David Evans (1929-1988)

Paul Liss, Pete Gage, et al.


What Does Death Look Like?

Donalyn Gross



Eric S Martell


Rune Dragons

Jessica Feinberg


Macba Collection: A Selection


History of the Heart

Ole Hoystad


Centerbook: The Center for Advanced Visual Studies and the...

Elizabeth Goldring and Ellen Sebring


Artism and Me: Autism Within My Heart in Color

Maggie S Russell



Laika L Gagarin


Strange and Wonderful: Exotic Flora and Fauna in Image and...

Lecturer of Near Eastern Languages and C Karen Polinger (Lecturer of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization and History of Art


The End

Brandon Valdez


Comes the Colorful: Abstract Art

Diana Long Matthiesen


Angels: Adult Colouring Book

Elisabeth Maria Lackgren


The Visual World of Shadows

CNRS) Casati Roberto (Senior Researcher and Paris V) Cavanagh Universite Paris Descartes Patrick (Professor