Theory of architecture

The Poetics of Space

Gaston Bachelard


Chartres: Sacred Geometry, Sacred Space

Gordon Strachan


The Aesthetics of Architecture

Roger Scruton


Architecture and the Text: The

Jennifer Bloomer


Animales arquitectos


Construction: Manual

Daniel Mettler and Daniel Studer



Richard Saul Wurman


Extrastatecraft: The Power of Infrastructure Space

Keller Easterling


Irigaray for Architects

UK) Rawes University College of London Peg (Bartlett School of Architecture


Made of Concrete


Architecture as the Ethics of Climate

South Korea) Baek Jin (Seoul National University


Constructing a New Agenda

A. Krista Sykes


Legacy: Generations of Creatives in Dialogue

Lukas Feireiss


OpenStack for Architects

Ben Silverman and Michael Solberg


The Social Logic of Space

Bill Hillier and Julienne Hanson


Grande Atlantico: Cargo Ship Stories

Marco Ciriello