Professional interior design

Mad About the House Planner: Your Home, Your Story

Kate Watson-Smyth


The Interior Design Handbook

Frida Ramstedt


Inside Venice: A Private View of the City's Most Beautiful...

Toto Bergamo Rossi


de Gournay: Art on the Walls

Claud Cecil Gurney


Every Room Tells A Story

Kit Kemp


The Swedish Country House

Susanna Scherman


An Adventurous Life: Global Interiors by Tom Stringer

Tom Stringer and Marc Kristal


Jeremiah: A Collection of Interiors

Jeremiah Goodman


Eric Schmitt

Pierre Doze


Photoshop (R) for Interior Designers: A Nonverbal Communication

Associate Professor Suining Ding


Spa-de 2



House: American Houses New Century

Cathy Lang and R. Barreneche


Retail Design

Juan Li


Daylighting: Architecture and Lighting Design

UK) Tregenza Peter (University of Sheffield and UK) Wilson Michael (University of Westminster


Bars, Clubs & Lounges

Sibylle Kramer


Big Book of Kitchen Design Ideas

Tina Skinner


Elegant Rooms That Work: Fantasy and Function in Interior Design

Jorge S. Arango and Stephanie Stokes


Billy Baldwin

QC Lewis Adam


Locatelli Partners: Dialogues: Architecture Interiors Design

Massimiliano Locatelli and Giovanna Cornelio


Interior Landscapes: Horticulture and Design

Jerome Malitz and Seth Malitz