Music reviews & criticism

Japan's Tin Drum

UK) Pyzik Agata (Independent Scholar


The History of the Violin: And Other Instruments Played on...

William Sandys and Simon Andrew 1801-1870 Forster


Musical Ornamentation; Volume 1

Edward Dannreuther


Judaism in Music (Dodo Press)

MA) Wagner Richard (Princeton


Wagner Handbook for the Festival Concerts Given in 1884

Henry Theophilus Finck


Old Violins and Violin Lore

H R Haweis


Field Guide to the Irish Music Session

Barry Foy and Rob Adams


Essentials In Music History

Thomas Tapper


Vom Gl cke Beethovens

Arthur Schurig


Musical Interludes In Boston 1795-1830

H. Earle Johnson


Hamburg 1725, Berlin 1765, Wien 1800

Jacob Langeloh


Choral Masterpieces: Major and Minor

Nicholas Tarling


Johannes Brahms

Heinrich Reimann


Bradford's Noise of the Valleys: A History of Bradford Rock...

Gary Cavanagh and Matt Webster


The Shona Marriage in the Shona Novel

Liveson Tatira


The Evolution of Rap and Roll

Rabindra Ratan


Nothing but Love in God's Water: Volume 1: Black Sacred Music...

Robert (Baylor University) Darden


101 Albums that Changed Popular Music

Chris Smith


Woman's Work in Music

Arthur Elson