Classical music (c 1750 to c 1830)

Beethoven: The Man Revealed

John Suchet


The Careers of British Musicians, 1750-1850: A Profession of...

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Julian (University of Leeds (Emeritus)) Rushton


Mozart: The Reign of Love

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Haydn: A Creative Life in Music

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Beethoven for a Later Age: The Journey of a String Quartet

Edward Dusinberre


The Entrepreneurial Muse: Inspiring Your Career in Classical...

University of Colorad Assistant Professor of Composition and Director Jeffrey (Assistant Professor of Composition and Director


Samuel Wesley: The Man and his Music

Philip Olleson


Mozart - The Man Revealed

John Suchet


Mendelssohn Remembered

Roger Nichols


Beethoven's Orchestral Music: An Owner's Manual

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Baroque Around the World English


The Sonata Principle (from C. 1750)

Wilfrid Mellers


Mozart and Enlightenment Semiotics

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Hensel, Fanny (Mendelssohn) Piano Music

R. Larry Todd


Beethoven and His World: A Biographical Dictionary

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