Autobiography: general

The Roller Coaster of My Bipolar Disorder

Romeo Gauvreau B a Phd in B S


Bad Men: Guantanamo Bay And The Secret Prisons

Clive Stafford Smith


Irene ... My Family & Still Growing...

Irene Delores Parks


Self-Portrait of a Holocaust Survivor

Werner Weinberg


My Past Life: The Soviet Experience

Frieda Belakhova


My Father's Daughter

Jenese Busch


''my Mama Wrote It!''

Patricia L Harris-Cook


From a Nobody to Somebody: My First Mission for God




Precious Williams


Street Kid II

Nick Cianci


Ibadan: The Penkelemes Years - A Memoir, 1945-67

Wole Soyinda


Follow the Money: The Chronicles of Special Agent Ralph Kaminski

Ralph Kaminski and Dineen Anderson


My Life After Death

Bukiwe Zonke


Hamster Island

Joan Heartwell


The Primeval Forest

Albert Schweitzer


Change Me into Zeus's Daughter: A Memoir

Barbara Robinette Moss


Das Martyrium Der Charlotte Von Stein

Ida Boy-Ed