Autobiography: literary

The Autobiography of a Super-tramp

W. H. Davies


Letters From the Palazzo Barbaro

Henry (Author) James


Memoirs of My Life and Writings

Edward Gibbon


President of His Class

Jr. Small Frank J.


Landmarks of a Literary Life 1820-1892

Camilla Crosland


The Prisoner: A Memoir

Hwang Sok-Yong


What to Look for in Winter

Candia McWilliam


Time to Be in Earnest

P. D. James



Patti Smith


The Captain is Out to Lunch

Charles Bukowski


The Forging of a Rebel

Arturo Barea


Verd aigua


The Berlin Shadow

Jonathan Lichtenstein


An Autobiography

Agatha Christie


What Days Are For

Robert Dessaix


Written in My Heart: Walks through James Joyce's Dublin

Mark Traynor, Emily Carson, et al.