Autobiography: literary

Family Matters: Sam, Jennie, and the Kids

Burton Bernstein


Anthony Trollope - Autobiography - 1912

Anthony Trollope


Nervous System: The Story of a Novelist Who Lost His Mind

Jan Lars Jensen


My Name Be Buried: A Coerced Pen Name Forces the Real...

Dr Altrocchi Paul, Hank Whittemore, et al.


What Lips My Lips Have Kissed

Daniel Mark Epstein


My first Seven Years (plus a few more)

Dario Fo


Without A Map

Meredith Hall


Winter Sea: War, Journeys, Writers

Alan Ross


Trust the Darkness: My Life as a Writer

Anthony Winkler


Graham Greene: A Life In Letters

Richard Greene


An Aesthetic Underground: A Literary Memoir

John Metcalf


Full Circle: A Memoir


The Wild Garden: Or Speaking of Writing

Angus Wilson


I Don't Remember

Hilton Als


The Horseman's Word

Roger Garfitt


The Genius

Theodore Dreiser


Diary & Letters of Madame D'Arblay (1778-1840)

Frances Burney, Austin Dobson, et al.


Slipping in the Church

Monique Monroe


All the Way to Second Street: A Memoir

Nancy Casey