Biography: royalty

The Queen Elizabeth II Pocket Bible

Teresa Paddington


Raising Royalty: 1000 Years of Royal Parenting

Carolyn Harris


Isabella: Catholic Queen and Madam of Spain

John Edwards


Life with the Queen

Brian Hoey




Elisabeth Christine, Koenigin von Preussen, Gemahlin...

Friedrich Wilhelm M Von Hahnke


Harry: Conversations with the Prince

Angela Levin


The Assassination of the Archduke: Sarajevo 1914 and the...

Greg King and Sue Woolmans


Queen's Encounter: Mary Stuart



Fergie Confidential: The Duchess of York's True Story

Chris Hutchins and Peter Thompson


Diana's Nightmare: The Family

Peter Thompson and Chris Hutchins


The Queen Mother's Memorial Garden: A Souvenir Guide

Simon Crutchley


Brief Lives of the English Monarchs

Carolly Erickson


Christian vi: The Pious Builder

Jens Gunni Busck and Peter Sean Woltemade


Frederik vi: Ruler in an Age of Revolution

Peter Sean Woltemade and Jens Gunni Busck


Christian VII: The King Who Lost His Mind

Jens Gunni Busck and Peter Sean Woltemade