Biography: science, technology & medicine

The Ascent of Mary Somerville in 19th Century Society

Elisabetta Strickland


Spare Parts: A Surprising History of Transplants

Paul Craddock


American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert...

Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin


Blaise Pascal (Ed.1891)

Bertrand J


Dr. Charles Bass

Dr Brawner Steve


Finding Hope: When Facing Serious Disease

Steven J Sommer



Marianne Snyder


Surgeon on Call 24-7

Harold P Adolph MD Facs


Alternative Dimension 2

Tr Eden


Memoirs of Indonesian Doctors

Tjien O Oei


Practice Matters: The Early Years of Modern General Practice...

Andrew (University of Salford) Willis


Matthew Forster Heddle

Hamish H. Johnston


Myth of Catastrophy

Vance Jasen Garrison


Thomas Bouch

John Rapley


Morgellons Among Us

Bobbie Devine