Philosophy of language

The Essential Chomsky

Noam Chomsky


Linguistic Bodies: The Continuity between Life and Language

University of the Basque Country) Paolo Ezequiel A. Di (Research Professor, Worcester State University) Cuffari Elena Clare (Assistant Professor, et al.


Suppose and Tell: The Semantics and Heuristics of Conditionals

University of Oxford) Williamson Wykeham Professor of Logic Timothy (Wykeham Professor of Logic


How Language Works

David Crystal


How to Do Things with Words: The William James Lectures...

University of Oxford) Austin late White's Professor of Moral Philosophy J. L. (late White's Professor of Moral Philosophy


The Ethics of Silence: An Interdisciplinary Case Analysis...

Nancy Billias and Sivaram Vemuri


Wittgenstein's Art of Investigation

Beth Savickey


Marxism and the Philosophy of Language

V. N. Volosinov