Dialect, slang & jargon

Idle Thoughts & Other Stuff

Jack Idle


Urban Scots Dialect Writing

Anette I. Hagan


Synchronic English Linguistics

Alexander Bergs


Shut Yer Pus: A Wee Book of Scots Slang

Scott Simpson


Welsh Dialect Survey

Alan R. Thomas


A Glossary of Colloquial Anglo-Indian Words And Phrases:...

Henry Yule and A. C. Burnell


Handy as Hip Pockets on a Hog: Colorful Language of the...

Donald Chain Black


Asian Englishes Beyond the Canon

Braj Kachru


Exploring World Englishes: Language in a Global Context

UK) Seargeant Philip (The Open University


An Atlas of English Dialects: Region and Dialect

Clive Upton and J.D.A Widdowson


Russian World War 2 Dictionary: A Russian-English Glossary of...

Isaak Kobylyanskiy and Stuart Britton


African American, Creole, and Other Vernacular Englishes in...

USA) Rickford John R. (Stanford University, USA) Sweetland Julie (San Jose State University, et al.