Discourse analysis

On Dialogue

David Bohm


Making Sense of Narrative Text: Situation, Repetition, and...

UK) Toolan Michael (University of Birmingham


Analysing Power in Language: A practical guide

UK) Bartlett Tom (University of Cardiff


Corpus, Discourse and Mental Health

UK) Hunt Dr Daniel (University of Nottingham and UK) Brookes Dr Gavin (Lancaster University


The Chinese Particle Le: Discourse Construction and Pragmatic...

The Netherlands) van den Berg M.E. (Leiden University and Australia) Wu G. (University of Western Sydney


Persuasion in Self-improvement Books

Jeremy Koay


Discourse Analysis and European Union Politics

Kennet Lynggaard


The Language of Protest

USA) Gasaway Hill Mary Lynne (St. Mary's University and USA) Maxwell Judith M. (Tulane University


Posthumanism and Deconstructing Arguments: Corpora and...

UK) O'Halloran Kieran (King's College London