Phonetics, phonology

Introduction to Phonology

Francis Katamba


Communication before Speech: Development and Assessment

Judith Coupe O'Kane and Juliet Goldbart



The Editors of Rea


FonologIa de las vocales del espanol: descripcion y analisis

USA) Martinez-Gil Fernando (Ohio State University


Check It Out! 4: Workbook

Milada (No affiliation) Broukal


Old English and the Theory of Phonology

Bezalel E. Dresher


English Sound Structure

John Harris


The Historical Phonology of Vowel Length

Brent de Chene


Der Vokalismus des Vulgarlateins 3 Volume Set

Hugo Schuchardt


English Word-Formation

Laurie Bauer


Born to Talk: An Introduction to Speech and Language Development

Merle Howard, Kathleen Fahey, et al.


The Sounds of the World's Languages

Peter Ladefoged and Ian Maddieson


Generative and Non-Linear Phonology

Jacques Durand