Grammar, syntax & morphology

An Elementary Latin Grammar

Augustus Samuel Wilkins and HENRY JOHN ROBY


Grammar and Context: An Advanced Resource Book

UK) Hewings Ann (The Open University and Martin Hewings


Linguistic Analyses: The Non-Bantu Languages of North-Eastern...

A. N. Tucker and M. A. Bryan


Rule Generalization and Optionality in Language Change

Samuel Jay Keyser and Wayne O'Neill



Anna Fenyvesi, Istvan Kenesei, et al.


African Languages/Langues Africaines: Volume 3 1977

P. Akujuobi Nwachukwu


Topics in French Syntax

Ge raldine Legendre


The Syntax of the Albanian Verb Complex

Philip L. Hubbard


Mojave Syntax

Pamela Munro


Syntax: A Minimalist Introduction

Andrew (University of Essex) Radford


Construction Morphology

Geert (Leiden University Center of Linguistics) Booij


Optimality Theory

The Netherlands) Kager Rene (Universiteit Utrecht


Dependency and Directionality

Marcel den Dikken


Syntactic Argumentation and the Structure of English

David M. Perlmutter and Scott Soames


Aspects of Grammatical Architecture

Alain Rouveret


Prosodic Morphology in Mandarin Chinese

Shengli (Professor of Chinese linguistics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.) Feng