Grammar, syntax & morphology

A Historical Syntax of English

Bettelou Los


A Reference Grammar of Kotiria (Wanano)

Kristine Stenzel


The Syntax of French

University of Salford) Rowlett Paul (Head of School of Languages


The Language of Ramesses

Francois Neveu


Beyond Morphology: Interface Conditions on Word Formation

University of Nijmegen) Ackema Peter (Department of Dutch and University College London) Neeleman Ad (Department of Phonetics and Linguistics


A Grammar of Shakespeare's Language

Norman Blake


Competition in Syntax


Understanding English Grammar

Martha Kolln, Loretta Gray, et al.


The Wonders of Language: Or How to Make Noises and Influence...

Ian (University of Cambridge) Roberts


The Syntax of Subjects

Koichi Tateishi


Blackfoot Grammar: Third Edition

Donald G. Frantz


The Linguistic Structure of Modern English

Donna M. (University of Southern California) Brinton and Laurel J. (University of British Columbia) Brinton