Grammar, syntax & morphology

The Syntax of Subjects

Koichi Tateishi


The Linguistic Structure of Modern English

Laurel J. (University of British Columbia) Brinton and Donna M. (University of Southern California) Brinton


English Prepositions Explained: <strong></strong>

UK) Lindstromberg Seth (Hilderstone College


Affixation and Auxiliaries in Igbo

Virginia Chinwe Onumajuru


Subjects and Universal Grammar: An Explanatory Theory

Yehuda N. (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Falk


The Syntax-Morphology Interface: A Study of Syncretism

Matthew (University of Surrey) Baerman, Dunstan (University of Surrey) Brown, et al.


Mental Spaces in Grammar: Conditional Constructions

Vancouver) Dancygier Barbara (University of British Columbia and Berkeley) Sweetser Eve (University of California


Deviational Syntactic Structures

Associate Professor Hans Goetzsche


A Reference Grammar of Thai

Los Angeles) Iwasaki Shoi (University of California and Preeya (Tokyo Gakugei University) Ingkaphirom


The Manuscripts of Piers Plowman: the B-version

C. David Benson and Lynne S. Blanchfield


The Functional Analysis of English: A Hallidayan Approach

UK) Bloor Aston University Thomas (Fellow of the School of Languages and Social Sciences and UK) Bloor University of Warwick Meriel (Fellow of the Centre for Applied Linguistics


Scrambling, Remnant Movement, and Restructuring in West Germanic

Berlin) Hinterholzl Humboldt University Assistant Professor of Linguistics Roland (Assistant Professor of Linguistics


Natural Language Syntax

Peter W. (The Ohio State University) Culicover


On Conditionals

Meulen Alice Ter Meulen, Reilly Judy Snitzer Reilly, et al.


Languages of the USSR

W. K. Matthews