Grammar, syntax & morphology

On Complementation in Icelandic

Hoskuldur Thrainsson


Arguments and Agreement

Peter (University of Edinburgh) Ackema, Patrick (Johann Wolfgang Goethe University) Brandt, et al.


Formal Aspects Of Chinese Grammar

China) Xu Jie (Univ Of Macau


Telicity and Durativity: A Study of Aspect in Dene Suline...

Canada) Wilhelm Andrea Luise (University of Alberta


A Reference Grammar of Russian

Berkeley) Timberlake Alan (University of California


Sentence Comprehension: The Integration of Habits and Rules

David (Montclair State College) Townsend and Thomas G. (University Of Arizona) Bever



Winifred Bauer


Analyzing Prose

Richard A. Lanham


The Syntax of Adjuncts

Amherst) Ernst Thomas (University of Massachusetts


Grammatically Correct; Functionally Illiterate

Milton J. Stringmeyer


Minimalist Syntax: Exploring the Structure of English

Andrew (University of Essex) Radford


Clause Structure

Elly van (Arizona State University) Gelderen


Traces and Their Antecedents

University of Michigan) Epstein Associate Professor of Linguistics Samuel David (Associate Professor of Linguistics


Negation and Clausal Structure: A Comparative Study of...

Georgetown University) Zanuttini Assistant Professor of Linguistics Raffaella (Assistant Professor of Linguistics


Discourse Configurational Languages

Hungarian Academy of Sciences) Kiss Professor of Linguistics Katalin E. (Professor of Linguistics


Clause Structure and Word Order in Hebrew and Arabic: An...

University of Geneva) Lecturer in the Department of General Linguistics Ur (Lecturer in the Department of General Linguistics


Kazakh: A Comprehensive Grammar

Germany) Muhamedowa Raihan (Justus Liebig University Giessen


Complex Demonstratives: A Quantificational Account

State University of New Jersey) King Jeffrey C. (Rutgers