Palaeography (history of writing)

Sixteenth-Century Readers, Fifteenth-Century Books:...

Scotland) Connolly Margaret (University of St Andrews


Inner Meaning of the Hebrew Letters

Robert M. Haralick


A History of Writing in Japan

Christopher Seeley


Discoveries in the Judaean Desert: Volume VIII. The Greek...

Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Tov Department of Bible Professor Department of Bible Emanuel (Professor


Demotic Texts from the Collection


Envoys and Political Communication in the Late Antique West,...

Sydney) Gillett Andrew (Macquarie University


Avatars of the Word: From Papyrus to Cyberspace

James J. O'Donnell


Reading Early Handwriting 1500-1700

Mark Forrest


Synoptical Studies in the Chinese Character

Herbert A Giles


Reading and Writing in the Time of Jesus

Alan Millard


The Superior Person's Complete Book of Words

Peter (Queen's University Belfast) Bowler


Album of Armenian Paleography

Michael Stone, Dickran Kouymjian, et al.


The Mingjia and Related Texts - Essentials in the...

Ian Johnston and Wang Ping


How Writing Came About

Denise Schmandt-Besserat