Reading skills


Jane Austen



Jane Austen


Northanger Abbey

Jane Austen


Mansfield Park

Jane Austen


Reading and Making Notes

Jeanne Godfrey


Reading Assessment: A Primer for Teachers and Coaches

USA) Caldwell Milwaukee Joanne Schudt (Cardinal Stritch University


Persian Academic Reading

Abbas Aghdassi


Master Reader, The

D. J. Henry


Reading Strategies for College and Beyond

Deborah J. Kellner


Let's Read: A Linguistic Approach

Clarence L Barnhart and Cynthia A. Barnhart


Graded Italian Reader: Prima tappa

Vincenzo (Late of Boston University) Cioffari and Angelina (Massachusetts Bay Community College) Cioffari


Improving Reading Skills

Deanne Spears


Preparing for the CUNY-ACT Reading and Writing Exam

Eileen Ferretti and Ronna Levy


What Every Student Should Know About Critical Reading

Shadric Baker and Vivian Richardi Beitman


Writing Places

Paula Mathieu, Tim Lindgren, et al.


Mother and Son - Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Level 2: 500...

Liu Yuehua and Chu Chengzhi


Reading for Results, International Edition

Laraine Flemming