Anthologies (non-poetry)

Lettres de Marie Bashkirtseff

Marie Bashkirtseff


Said the Observer

Louis John Stellman


Collected Works of Andrew Lang, Volume 2

London School of Economics) Lang Andrew (Senior Lecturer in Law


Short Works of Oliver Goldsmith

Oliver Goldsmith


Adventures and Other Stories

William Henry Giles Kingston


Homer and Classical Philology and Other Short Works

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche


Short Works of Goldwin Smith

Goldwin Smith


Pagan Regeneration

Harold R Willoughby


Notes d'Une Mere



The Vade-Mecum of Fly-Fishing for Trout: Beings a Complete...

George Philip Rigney Pulman


Quincy Adams Sawyer and Mason's Corner Folks

Charles Felton Pidgin


The Bible of St. Mark St. Mark's Church

Alexander Robertson


The Religious Use Of Imagination



Pleasures of the Telescope

Garrett Putman Serviss


Reptiles and Birds: A Popular Account of the Various Orders

Louis Figuier and Parker Gillmore


King Penda's Captain

MacKenzie MacBride


Age Ain't Nothing But A Number



Remarkable, Unspeakable New York

Shaun O'Connell