Literary theory

Kant on the Frontier: Philosophy, Politics, and the Ends of...

Geoffrey Bennington


Digital Milton


Denise Levertov: Selected Criticism

Albert Gelpi


Ego Sum: Corpus, Anima, Fabula

Jean-Luc Nancy


The Frontier Within: Essays by Abe Kobo

Kobo Abe


The Character of Criticism

Geoffrey Galt Harpham


Can We Be Wrong? The Problem of Textual Evidence in a Time of...

Montreal) Piper Andrew (McGill University


Optical Impersonality: Science, Images, and Literary Modernism

University of Maryland) Walter Christina (Assistant Professor


The Uses of Greek Mythology

UK) Dowden Ken (University of Birmingham


Paul de Man

Nigel Mapp


The Sublime Object of Psychiatry: Schizophrenia in Clinical...

UK) Woods Durham University Angela (Lecturer in Medical Humanities


Experience Without Qualities: Boredom and Modernity

Elizabeth S. Goodstein


A Book Worth Reading

Wells Earl Draughon