Literary studies: c 1800 to c 1900

Matthew Arnold and the Romantics

Italy) Gottfried Leon (New York University at La Pietra and Syracuse University


The Female Romantics: Nineteenth-century Women Novelists and...

UK) Franklin Swansea Caroline (University of Wales


History, Abolition, and the Ever-Present Now in Antebellum...

Oakland University) Insko Director of American Studies Jeffrey (Associate Professor


Student Guide to Robert Browning

John Lucas



Charles Chadwick


Wordsworth Day by Day: Reading His Work into Poetry Now

Jeffrey C. Robinson


Decoding Gender in Science Fiction

Brian Attebery


The Winter Sun Shines In: A Life of Masaoka Shiki

Donald Keene


The Half-Caste

Dinah Mulock Craik


The Holy Land in English Culture 1799-1917: Palestine and the...

Israel) Bar-Yosef Eitan (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev


Profound Science and Elegant Literature: Imagining Doctors in...

Stephanie P. Browner


Jane Austen's Erotic Advice

Pomona College) Raff Associate Professor of English Sarah (Associate Professor of English