Literary studies: poetry & poets

Dooble Tongue: Scots, Burns, Contradiction

Jeffrey Skoblow


Spar: Poems

Karen Volkman


Expressivity in Modern Poetry

Donald Wellman


May Sarton: A Revised Bibliography

Lenora P. Blouin and Constance Hunting


Poetry: The Ultimate Guide

R. Bradford


Religious Trends in English Poetry

Hoxie Neale Fairchild


Pushkin: A Collection of Articles and Essays on the Great...

The U S S R Society for Cultural Rel


The Bright House

Ben Greer


The Poetic Fantastic: Studies in an Evolving Genre

Vernon Hyles and Patrick Dennis Murphy


Columbia Granger's (R) Guide to Poetry Anthologies

Linda Sternberg Katz, William Katz, et al.



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Edwin Arlington Robinson: A Poet's Life

Scott Donaldson


Hitos de la poesia peruana, siglo XX

James Higgins


A Study of Poetry

Bliss Perry


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