Literary studies: poetry & poets

Land and Sea: The Lyric Poetry of Philip Freneau

Richard C. Vitzthum


The Poetic Workmanship of Alexander Pope

Rebecca Price Parkin


Rainer Maria Rilke: The Ring of Forms

Frank Wood


Ecstatic Emigre: An Ethics of Practice

Claudia Keelan



Уильям Шекспир


How Did Poetry Survive?: The Making of Modern American Verse

John Timberman Newcomb


Blank Verse

John Addington Symonds and Horatio F Brown


From Tongue to Text: A New Reading of Children's Poetry

UK) Pullinger Debbie (University of Cambridge


Poems Of The War

George H. Boker


Tolkien's Poetry


On Whitman

C. K. Williams


A Together We Are Great

David Deynes


Translations into Greek and Latin Verse

Richard Claverhouse Jebb


Essays on the English Poets and the Greek Christian Poets

Elizabeth Barrett Browning


The Development of Russian Verse: Meter and its Meanings

New Jersey) Wachtel Michael (Princeton University



Ruben Dario


Indigenous Poetics in Canada


Poems / by Charles Warren Stoddard.

Professor Charles Warren Stoddard