ELT: teaching theory & methods

Teaching Pronunciation Paperback with Audio CDs (2): A Course...

Los Angeles) Celce-Murcia Marianne (University of California, Donna M. Brinton, et al.


Classroom Management Techniques

Jim Scrivener


The Dynamics of the Language Classroom

Ian (Universite Libre de Bruxelles) Tudor


Motivational Teaching

Nick Thorner


Discourse Analysis for Language Teachers

Michael McCarthy


Teaching English Abroad

Susan Griffith


How Vocabulary Is Learned

Stuart Webb and Paul Nation


Language Assessment for Classroom Teachers: Classroom-based...

Lyle Bachman and Barbara Damboeck



Richard Walton and Mark Bartram


English Language Teacher Education in Chile: A cultural...

Australia) Barahona Malba (Australian National University


Focus on Learning Technologies

Nicky Hockly


Grammar Dictation

Ruth Wajnryb


Assessing Listening for Chinese English Learners: Developing...

China) Zhixin Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Foreign Languages Pan (Associate Professor